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BBBY and DWAC is commanding Reddit over the last hour

BBBY is monopolizing the conversation on Reddit over the last hour.
The scuttlebutt was a bit spicey- here is what they are saying:

Weak-Pea1147 - 12 upvotes - source
bbby was one of the most successful pump and dump for sure ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

sampaiva - 10 upvotes - source
Americans: as a Brazilian living in Belgium, you understand this better than the op. Business will go broke, governments will push inflation up by trying to subsidize electricity and gas prices and so on. Europeans inhale more copium than BBBY bagholders. Because I'm only partially retarded and I can do basic math, I'ma spend winters in Brazilian summer and literally will save money for doing so.

UnholyTrigon - 10 upvotes - source
Companies under 500 million can’t be mentioned on WSB. This means we might stop seeing BBBY posts if this price action continues

UnholyTrigon - 9 upvotes - source
BBBY imitating the cfo

chikenbeer - 8 upvotes - source
Hello I'm here for the BBBY loss porn.

stock_dude9 - 5 upvotes - source
BBBY jumping off a balcony

Whosdrippy - 5 upvotes - source

burner03120926 - 5 upvotes - source
This is really your last last chance to get out of bbby come open

mcccliii - 5 upvotes - source
Ohh BBBY. Near my entry target of 4$

Whosdrippy - 4 upvotes - source
For the love of God no more fucking BBBY shilling. Let it die already

Next, DWAC is blathering:

rizuxizu - 4 upvotes - source
Congratz to whoever bought DWAC put last week, holy shit 10 bagger. Crie for those who miss

sjtomcat - 4 upvotes - source
DWAC puts printing so hard

omniscient_goldfish - 3 upvotes - source
dwac in shambles. im going to be slightly richer.

Myboywear - 2 upvotes - source
Dwac πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bbby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ShimmyNZ - 0 upvotes - source
DWAC pre-market falling off a cliff. Rip merger

TheDudeAbidesFarOut - 0 upvotes - source
DWAC dip....get some Trumptaints....

Kilomike8993 - -1 upvotes - source
DWAC only 2minutes and I’m late for puts already

BFALUL - -1 upvotes - source
So too late for those DWAC puts huh

Xclusiveplaya - -1 upvotes - source
Are DWAC puts not free money?

AAPL is the last stonk being aggressively watched:

RifromtheV - 4 upvotes - source
Imagine thinking AAPL would not gap up a day before product launch. Bears are greedy.

15acf4d3 - 2 upvotes - source
AAPL = S&P 1

GME is under the microscope on Reddit as well:

HerrJemine123 - 4 upvotes - source
Why the fuck is GME now dumping too πŸ˜‚

TacoTownRoad - 3 upvotes - source
GME $10 eow

OkEmployer3954 - 2 upvotes - source
To me you lost all credibility in your research capacity and your conclusions when you mentioned you drs-ed your GME.

HumanEcon - 1 upvotes - source
Because nothing you gme and bbby retards say are ever supported by proof or facts. It's all conspiracy theories because of that. It's dumb.

HumanEcon - 1 upvotes - source
Ah yes but you found out the truth didnt you ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)Because you only read trustworthy sources. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)Come on man. Bbby and gme cultists can never come up with proof and every prediction was wrong. Quit the conspiracy bs

kayvonte - -4 upvotes - source
What’s a good way to convince europoors to not sell GME so we get a chance to sell before them at a higher price?

COIN is being aggressively watched on Reddit too:

Plenty_Ad2600 - 1 upvotes - source
Well, you should prolly just hold your cash until you have a good idea, or you're literally flipping a coin. Asking randos on here for trade ideas is not a good sign. ​ My main position, tho, are jan 2024 calls on SOXL. Even if there's a bear market, I think that long term it doesn't drop below $20. Act at your own discretion.