If You Missed $VUZI (Vuzix), You’re Not Alone. Here’s The Story...

Vuzix Corp is a VR company with buzz rising on Reddit's Wallstreetbets

Published on Mar 22, 2021

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VUZI buzz is up 57% over the last week compared to the previous week. The stock is at a 52 week high on higher than normal volume and sentiment has been more bullish than bearish: 

chart - 2021-03-22T091832.388

VUZI buzz first started to spike in late January, so if you were watching Trending Stonks closely on TopStonks, you may have been able to get in. 

chart - 2021-03-22T163333.252

According to Yahoo Finance, “Vuzix Corporation designs, manufactures, markets, and sells augmented reality (AR) wearable display and computing devices for consumer and enterprise markets in North America, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and internationally.”

VUZI was in the news recently:

Here’s what they’ve been saying about VUZI on r/wallstreetbets:

  • u/gkqijrm was pumping VUZI hard on 1/25/21. A couple examples:

    • “Have you guys seen VUZI? Going to the moon on multiple international deals and no one on here is even seeing it happen!”

    • “Ya’ll, $VUZI is the next big thing. Was just on CNBC yesterday. These glasses are insane. Take a look for yourself https://youtu.be/xOMx4HZvHYM”

  • “Wearables & health care. Major med device companies are getting involved so that Doctors can have access to patient tracking info from their wearable device... I think this will push growth as well. Boomers + wearables = growth. Also, VR and AR wearables will push growth. VUZI, KOPN, HIMX, MVIS” -u/gonfmad, 2/25/21

  • “VUZI has patents on glasses you can talk to. So no matter how you slice it apple either pays them bank or buys them out. Considering how many patents they have I think the latter.”- u/bonejohnson8, 3/22/21

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