Your morning dashboard: CVS is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreetbets today

Published on Apr 22, 2021

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Your morning dashboard: CVS is buzzing 

S&P Futures are up .09% today, Nasdaq, is down 0.18% Europe, is up 1.93% Oil, is down 0.55% Dollar Index, is down 0.13% etc.

In the news, Could Iraq Really Become OPEC's Largest Oil Producer? - MarketWatch

On Wallstreetbets, GEM, MVIS, SPY, PLTR, NFLX, are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 


“He’s buying and profiting, Chill guys! GME has been stuck at the same spot for a minute so he’s doing whatever it takes to make it more interesting. Remember, this is a casino”

“Just go to the MVIS thread. They have solid DD everywhere. The most compelling evidence is the addition of Seval Oz to the BOD. She’s been on BOD a few months now and we haven’t seen SEC filings for her. Leads many to speculate she is being compensated by the acquiring company to oversee the merger. There are many more dots to connect but this is the big one IMO.”

“Why would both vix & spy be red? Is the market anticipating a reversal?”

“PLTR wins new a contract - looks like the bag holding continues. Suck but true”

“I already knew you were NFLX oversold and overreacted. The EM was $40 so it actually went up at market open. It’s a powerful tool. Unlike you. You’re just a tool lol”

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