Your morning dashboard: MVIS is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 19, 2021

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Your morning dashboard: MVIS is buzzing 

 S&P Futures are down 0.25% today, Nasdaq is down 0.32%, Europe up 0.72%, Oil is down 0.27%, Dollar Index is down 0.50%, etc.

In the news, Emerging Market Green Debt Sales to Soar to $100 Billion by 2023 (

On Wallstreetbets, PLUG, MVIS, TSM, AMD, RKT,  are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 



“I read some DD that nextera energy is getting added to the s&p 500 green energy index. I heard it was happening on April 19th. I don't know if I want to play it or not. The same post also said plug power was crashing so we'll see.”


“My money is on MVIS. Now is a great time to pick up contracts.”


“It’s about 80% of mine right now I think? This double/triple bottom reversal that’s happening right now is pretty bullish, and TSM already said that the chip shortage should be easing soon with a full recovery by 2022.”


“AMD is going to rip again and save this place. All the Lisa Su memes will be back.”


“How was RKT a distraction from GME? I was in GME and RKT and made money on both. WSB isn't only about one stock. RKT had incredible earnings, 40% short interest, and a special dividend being paid out. It was a legitimate squeeze completely unrelated to GME.”

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