Your morning dashboard: NVDA is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 16, 2021

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TopStonks Team

S&P Futures are up .010% today, Nasdaq is up .04%, Europe, Oil is down 0.13%, Dollar Index is down 0.27%, etc.

In the news, 

On Wallstreetbets, SPY, PLTR, TSLA, AMC, and AMD are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 



“The most discussed ticker in this thread is now SPY. Balance has been restored.”


“So glad someone said this before me. I’ve been riding the PLTR waves at 22.82 for a while now.”


“Tsla 1k tomorrow? Who’s coming with me to the moon”


“So with 1000 amc theaters that means like a trillion dollars right apes?”


“Good to see $AMD receiving love from the WSB train before earnings!”

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