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Published on Apr 12, 2021

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S&P Futures are down .08% today, Nasdaq is down 0.20%,  Dax is up 0.18 and Px1 0.16%, Oil is up 0.74%, Dollar Index is down 0.14%, etc.

In the news, Dow Jones Futures Fall With Bull Market Rally Running; Alibaba Jumps After Fine; 5 Stocks Near Buy Points ( 

On Wallstreetbets, GME, BABA, TQQ CRSP, and PLTR are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 

r/wallstreetbets Comments:

  • Um.. yea... but if there were 0 synthetic shares the value would be closer to 25-30. The only reason GME has any value at the moment is because a bunch of big money assholes tried to short it to oblivion and got their balls caught in the cookie jar. All of the current market value is 'MARKET' value, not fundamental value of the company. If these assholes never tried to pull this trick, GME would continue to be obscure and dying. They unintentionally revived the company a million times over with this play that our lord and saviour DFV has shot down. 

  • Because some people think the uncertainty is over. I have some of my Boomer account in BABA. I would argue that there is an extra layer of risk due to the Chinese government. They can come after BABA again under any pretense if they chose I'm guessing they put the fear of XI into JM while he was missing. For his own sake, I hope he stays quiet now. There is no such thing as Fuck You Money when dealing with the PRC.

  • I decided that the market is full of irrational hype chasers a month ago and bought TQQQ. Paid off well. Dunno that I trust people to be rational enough for a market drop yet. That would require very obvious proof that the party is over.

  • Thanks for your DD. I was quite interested into that topic 2-3 years ago, actually totally forgot to update my current knowledge.If you would need to select 2-3 companies to invest into, which would that be? CRSP & EDIT?I guess, it's not a winner takes it all market and I see huge potential, especially in regards to HIV. I think we are probably 5-10 years away to cure it with crispr technology and other rare disease will be possible to cure. It could be even possible to edit your own immune system to attack cancer cell in the future, I am really looking forward to that biotech stuff

  • yes PLTR trades 37 times earnings and is has projected growth at 67% a year , their clients include banks like JP morgan and the US government, and with AI and data collection for governments becoming a big issue with the tech wars these days between governments, its possible they get a lot more contracts. 37 or 43 times earnings is expensive, but there u have my DD for why it should easily catch up with one or two more gov contracts. also note palantir trades at 24$ , not fucking 280$ or 180$ or now 150$. i agree WSB is a place for gambles and long shots, but u should have DD or good explanations for taking the punts or u will just lose money. 

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