PLUG Buzz Explodes Over the Last 24 Hours- Here’s What You Need to know

r/wallstreetbets is buzzing about the hydrogen fuel cell company after accounting irregularities were found

Published on Mar 17, 2021

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“PLUG buzz is on a tear ticking up over the last 24 hours- here’s what you need to know”

 PLUG buzz is up 307.82% over the last 24 hours compared to the past 7 days. The stock is trading around $37.15 on Wednesday afternoon. The 52 week high of $72.49 and the 52 week low is $2.70. There have been 6 total options bets on the stock, with 5 bullish and 1 bearish. 

PLUG was in the news today:

On r/wallstreetbets, u/Cinnamon_Flavored wrote:

 [post] “For long term it's definitely a buy”

u/xWillGz wrote:

“Was the PLUG accounting error a really big deal? Is it worth buying at the current price?”

u/shicken684 wrote:

“No I bought a little more. This isn't going to be a quick profit. Might not really even be worth anything in a few years. But I do believe hydrogen has an important role in a carbon free economy. And right now Plug is really the only company making huge investments in making a national hydrogen delivery system. So if hydrogen becomes a large industry, then plug is the stock to own for it.”

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