NVDA buzz is Ticking Up Over the Last 24 Hours - Here’s What You Need to Know

big increase in comments on r/wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 14, 2021

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NVDA buzz is up 384.27% over the last 24 hours compared to the last 7 days.The stocks 52 week high is $625.40 and the 52 week low is $267.11. There have been 8 total options bets on the stock, with all 8 being bullish.

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Screenshot 2021-04-11 101443

NVDA was in the news today:

On r/wallstreetbets u/coastereight wrote:

“Look at the ROE for both and the PE for both. NVDA is overvalued twice as much with a lower ROE. I'm not saying AMD will compete with NVDA for market cap, but AMD at $78 is a way better buy.”

u/TuaTurnsdaballova wrote:

“Oof, your AMD didn’t do so hot today. That doesn’t mean NVDA is overvalued lol. Price discovery is in progress. CPUs are a $100 billion market that NVDA is going to eat a big chunk of... they are growing and unstoppable in so many markets now and demand is only going to keep growing for the foreseeable future. On the bright side, AMD should (hopefully) bounce off of $75 support. If it falls below $75, then hold on to your butts!”

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