NVAX buzz is on a tear over the last 24 hours- here’s what you need to know”

NVAX buzz surges on r/wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 02, 2021

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NVAX buzz is up 217% over the last 24 hours compared to the average over the previous 7 days. The stock is trading at trading around $185, the 52 week high is $331.68, and the 52 week low is $13.60. 

NVAX has been in the news:

6 days ago, LivingBluejay6914 wrote:

I believe in this stock. Novavax has successfully completed phase 3 trial with efficiency rate of 96.4 % which is highest among all vaccine producers of covid. It has a emergency authorization pending from EU which will be probably announced soon. It has a major deal with EU to be signed soon. All the rumors of Novavax having supply issues are busted with serum institute of India support. I am from India and I know serum institute of India has contacts in govt. They can get the supplies sourced with the help of govt. With all these positive news coming...the price will reach upwards of 350$. There are many DDs posted on nvax subreddit but I have already mentioned my reasons above

On r/wallstreetbets 3 days ago, QuestionablySensible wrote:

Noavax has signed APAs already, for instance the EU have an APA for 160 million doses, I think. Looking at the ticker, the spikes earlier in the month make me think this already priced in.

What is new that will spike this higher?

LivingBluejay6914 responded:

There were rumors that nvax doesn't have capacity for production and hence prices were dropped All the rumors are squashed by above news

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