MELI buzz is on a tear over the last 24 hours- here’s what you need to know

Published on Apr 04, 2021

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TopStonks Team

MELI buzz is up 817% over the last 24 hours compared to the average over the previous 7 days. The stock is trading at trading around $1,510, the 52 week high is $2,020, and the 52 week low is $470. 

MELI has been in the news:

SB_Kercules, 12 hours ago:

Good work on the MELI calls. Living in Mexico we're very familiar with it. I've been watching for a long time. I totally missed this last pullback focusing on other things. Glad you caught it.

Stukken, 1 day ago:

I’ve been keeping an eye on $MELI for a while now, it has a lot of growth and the stock has crazy upsides on days that the market is green

JinnPhD, 1 day ago:

I’ve been watching this and waiting for the real recovery bounce. Might try it

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