INTC Buzz is on a Tear Over the Last 24 Hours- Here’s What You Need to Know

INTC buzz on r/wallstreetbets surges over the last day

Published on Mar 24, 2021

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TopStonks Team

INTC buzz is up 257.31% over the last 24 hours compared to the past 7 days. The stock is trading at around $63.50 with its 52 week high at $67.44 and the 52 week low is $43.61. There have been 3 options bets on the stock, with 3 bullish and 0 bearish.

INTC was in the news today:

On r/wallstreetbets, u/WeenTown wrote:

“INTC vs AMD... INTC released news of a bold plan of attack yesterday. Moving to a new manufacturing process, new generation of chips, and start manufacturing chips for others rather than PCs, Servers and data centres. Calls on my mind”

u/ExceptionallyGreat wrote: 

“I think the dip in AMD would be temporary. It's the market reacting to news of INTC throwing 20b into manufacturing. However, the market would soon realise that it doesn't mean that the 7nm process issues will be resolved overnight. INTL still needs at-least two years to catch up.”

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