DISCB Buzz is on a Tear Over the Last 24 Hours - Here’s What You Need to Know

Discovery, Inc. (DISCB) buzz up on Reddit's Wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 02, 2021

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DISCB buzz is up 112.27% over the last 24 hours compared to the past seven days. The stock's 52 week high is $150.72  and the 52 week low is $25.46. There have been 0 total options bets on the stock with 0 bearish or bullish. Here is the comment sentiment for DISCB over the last day. 

DISCB was in the news today:

On r/wallstreetbets u/bikeawaitmuddy wrote:

95% of the DISCB is owned by one guy, media executive John Malone " So really there were only roughly 305K shares to be bought of DISCB today (at most). MUCH smaller float than VIACA. Orders of magnitude. So, maybe some bump if enough people buy, but likely nothing like what DISCB saw today. Edit: MarketWatch puts DISCB float at **228.45K** and VIACA float at **10.52M.** Not even fucking close

u/Historical-Session66 wrote: 

Really great DD, but I think you might be missing 2 points. Firstly, from what I read, the 95% of shares owned by insiders for DISCB was owned by 1 guy, so illiquidity was cranked up to the max there and secondly, the average volume for DISCB was incredibly small 3,300 shares is amazing. VIACA has avg volume 71 times that. Today VIACA's volume was already 4x than normal and it still went down 5% just like normal VIAC shares. I'm not saying it won't go up like DISCB I just think these are solid differences that might prevent it from 2 or 3xing.

u/Power0fTenTigers wrote: 

DISCB is a totally different situation. Only 5% of the float was tradeable so today was a huge short squeeze. It's price is now higher than pre-Archegos blow up. I don't know if VIAC will go up or down, but do not expect it to move in the same way as DISCB.

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