Nice $WKHS Short Call by u/KRAndrews

Great r/wallstreetbets short call on WKHS

Published on Mar 22, 2021

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TopStonks Team

Here's $WKHS, Workhorse Group. According to Yahoo Finance, "Workhorse Group Inc., a technology company, designs, manufactures, builds, and sells battery-electric vehicles and aircraft in the United States." Here is the recent stock chart:

Screenshot 2021-03-22 184746

On February 10th, u/KRAndrews posted: 

**TL;DR: OSK to the moon 🚀🚀🚀, WKHS to hell 👎👎👎**

WKHS is at all time highs, and Reddit loves to pump the stock. Me? I was one of the biggest workhorse bulls with hundreds of shares in my portfolio. I rode the wave until today, where I sold the last of my shares. So... why?

Well, **90% of this company‘s value is based on them getting the USPS deal. People love to think the company is a shoe in for the USPS deal, but that’s simply not the case.**

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