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He just told you, I K A not I C
That’s not what I said but mkay My whole point is that it’s a relatively common practice with companies to award very large stock compensation to their C suite execs if certain goals are met. Reddit CEO wanted a big payday? Board required him to get the company to go public, so he did, and got paid. Elon hit crazy goals no one ever thought he’d hit, that’s why they agreed to such an outrageous number in the first place. High risk high reward type thing. Plus even if he wanted to sell the shares he can’t for 5 years.
Ahhhhhh I c
>inflation risk isn’t as much as other currencies And that is b/c? Tying everything to the dollar runs the risk of uncontrolled monetary policy by issuing country and punitive monetary measures of your economy.
B/c as an individual you have 0 credibility. As a country you have natural resources, land, assets, military and economy as credibility.
I can't recall any facts but I'm pretty sure they've had a string of C suites that were all around awful businessmen and people too
One of the biggest things is that they lost a lawsuit on their copyright for thunderbolt cables only working on Intel chip based machines, at the time thunderbolt was revolutionary to have on a laptop because it meant you could connect literally anything to that laptop in order to upgrade it and turn it into a homestation/stationary computer as the laptop got older and it's portable uses got weaker and worse. Thunderbolt was an amazing invention as it literally enabled us to externally upgrade what was thought to be not upgradable, and Intel owned the patent on it then the lawsuit came about it being anti consumer for one company to have ownership over such a thing, they lost the lawsuit and thunderbolt was therefore integrated into usb-c 4.0 and later cables.
>That just means they have 5600 orders that could get cancelled. Why didn’t airlines just cancel their orders and go to AirBus. The earlier you cancel the earlier you can get on AirBus waitlist. 2023, Boeing delivered 538 planes. At that trade it would take 10.4 years for the last 538 planes to be delivered. If your order were in the 5100-5600 range, there is no reason why you wouldn’t just cancel, you are not getting your plane for another 10 years, but they didn’t. Those airlines could’ve cancelled back when the news first came out. Either way, there is a price floor with Boeing unless something else changes, but I’m tired of people including media creating FUD and scaring people into thinking Boeing is going to 0. They will never die b/c having your own airliner production is national security. US gov would rather nationalize Boeing than let it die and fall back just on AirBus or allow COMAC a chance to enter airliner market due to vacuum created by Boeing. I do not have positions in Boeing, I’m just tired of idiots peddling misinformation
Well Bombardier was trying to make a play with the C series and then Boeing cried to the us government who put a 300% tariff on each plane, causing bombardier to sell off the program to Airbus, and now you have the a220...
I'm so glad I held off on upgrading to the new 15. I have a 13 pro and was planning on just waiting until the 16 came out this winter because I didn't see anything that the new 15 had which my 13 pro didn't and which I wanted, except for the USB-C port and I'm not upgrading my phone for a fucking port.
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