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It's a beast
8 minutes ago
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The first few years of investing I was all…. Diamond hands, never going to sell until these hedgies are fucked, I’m a silverback APES UNITE! I blew that fucking account up. There is still a few grand sitting in it as a reminder. The second I see a penny of profit I’m out. Now I’m making 20-120%ish of what I make at my day job. I have stop loss limits set and realistic (1%-18% on stocks and 10% to sometimes 80% on options) sell limits set. I ain’t fucking around trying to get rich. That shit don’t happen.
9 minutes ago
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I held my shares on Monday knowing it would almost certainly dump on Tuesday. I ain't no paper hands. But I agree with you, does seem like there are a lot of penny flippers on this forum. People are actually bragging about buying the dip in the morning and selling before close. I mean, to each their own. But I think it's been shown that people who buy and hold generally do better than those that trade intra-day. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks short hedge funds are spreading FUD in this forum to prevent a BBBY squeeze.
9 minutes ago
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Bruh it’s a retarded market we should be making new lows everyday but nope we just keep mooning
9 minutes ago
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what wasn't a Bear market, that was just a warm up to the depression
10 minutes ago
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long or short position? ive made like 35k but its over past 2 months! day trading every day, making 1-2k at a time, sometimes i lose and get stuck for few days. i buy long and short positions both, and all sorts of leveraged etfs and oil and shit to trade. but took me 2 months, 1 day is fantastic!
10 minutes ago
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Bro, this guy is a billionare! Greatest trader only second to Warren Buffet
10 minutes ago
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If you look at the weekly on spy it looks like a bull trap
10 minutes ago
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Overemployement, tech companies letting go their worker is a good thing. Company expenses decrease revenue increase and those job opening at wendys can finally be filled.
11 minutes ago
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And that’s measured in bear years, which are twice as long as dog years. Some bears will die without even making a profit. Fuck em.
11 minutes ago
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