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Tin foil theory: Return to office mandates are going to cause the crash/recession. Inflation was easier to tame when people were staying home and wasting less money. Now, they have to buy work clothes, buy way more gas for their cars which they now will spend more to maintain, and will be paying inflated prices for junkfood lunches downtown, partly to cope with the grief over their lost free/personal time and higher stress load. This is literally inflationary. The whole intention of RTO mandates is to stimulate spending in downtown cores. Those businesses are jacking up prices to compensate for the lost revenue during lockdowns and such. If people start paying them, it will cause inflation to launch. Once those people max out their credit, downtown cores (specifically, chain restaurants and retailers) will, having seen a modest spike in business over a few months, will start having horrendous earnings. The labour market is tanking hard. Try finding work right now - it's a shit show. Everyone is offering much lower wages than 1 year ago. Unemployment numbers are also skewed by the rise of consultant work - working for an agency means you're employed, but doesn't mean that you have steady work or revenue coming in. Part 2: Fed created an inflation loop by increasing rates, in turn increasing monthly mortgage payments. These increases are passed along to renters, literally inflating housing and housing services costs, which are then used as justification to increase rates as they're seen as inflationary. Im regard. Please disregard my warmest regards
We are in a stagflation loop. There is no getting out. We will just circle around the drain
And hyper loop, and his Tesla robot, and solar roofs, and mars colony, and fully reusable rockets that are profitable, I can go on…
Even better when they add fruit loop in front of dingus
> I think it'll even be larger than the last one in the mid-late aughts. Not a fucking chance. The 2000s real estate bubble was driven by people buying multiple properties using adjustable-rate mortgages. When rates went up and the market softened, they were no longer able to refinance and their teaser rates expired, resulting in a sell-off and feedback loop that further reduced prices and induced more selling. This real estate price spike was driven by cash buyers and people with 30-year fixed rate mortgages. As rates go up, they have less and less incentive to sell, which further restricts supply and puts upward pressure on prices. The only downward pressure on prices is from new construction, which is nowhere fast enough to meet current levels of demand for housing. The only way prices decrease significantly is if people start losing their jobs and can’t afford to pay the mortgage, or if boomers start dying and their kids sell off their estates. The more likely scenario is that there’s no escape from the inflation that came with printing so much money, and housing prices will plateau for a while until the price of everything else rises to a similar level.
If you think that it means you planned it, which means you should inverse it, which means you planned it. Infinite loop.
Binge listening to on loop: Highway Junkie, by Randy Travis
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