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Just to throw this in the loop: at least in europe tesla doesn't have a monopoly on charging points. They are forced to let other brands use their charging points too as they don't own the electric infrastructure around it. So yes, tesla has the most and fastest charging points, but no it's not a monopoly (at least in the eu).
Yeah that was sort of what I was getting at is there was actually no real underlying basis for the insane run considering the industry and directly comparable precedents. But it makes way more sense that it happened if you consider the context about the explosive 1600%+ ballooning wasn't even based on 'hype' or fantasies about colonizing Mars or whatever, but more algorithmic-based pumping using order-flow and sentiment with high-freq trade bots that just kept going through a sort of self-amplifying loop, which then causes FOMO in retail who then continue the trend providing data to the algos -- all while index funds pile more and more into it as a percentage along the rising-knife too. I'm completely 100% talking out my ass here, but I think it is phenomenon that does make bigger moves than just based on hype/FOMO alone which kinda explains why there's more broken clocks being right. but yeah I definitely think it has a big ways to fall, and just as much as it was an explosive run, I think there's potential for it to be an implosive pop.
Loop Capital causes a surge with a new study. 1.500$ Target and Leader for coming Months/years.
BOJ scared of continual depreciation. If this causes a negative feedback loop on inflation, they are fucked and so are the rest of the world markets
It's so true! I'm on the west coast and I feel like I'm just out of the market loop permanently.
*I love losing my whole portfolio in 1 day for no reason. People keep saying its because of this or that but only give me old news that happened days ago that did not effect the market when it first came out. We will now see a 3 month ATL at the slowest rate so I can watch my money go to Zero as I watch you all go to zero soon after as "investors" are now scared that Blue Clues will have a movie in 2085 which will have a 1% chance to cause a war 30 years from that moment and thus the market will crash to Zero. Yet, even after Zero, you still can not bet on the market going up as robo JPow invents -1 market in the year 2115. However in that same year NVDA hits the promise day of 900 then soon after falls from grace to 899 which it will stay for the next 100 years, only hinting at 900 again but never seeing. You ask about the DJT in the year of -1 markets. My child, I see your cry for truth. DJT has been stuck in a loop of 10 -> 5 -> 10 ->5 since 2052. Only maintained by the drinking of robo trumps urine. Not many of you will see this, read this or truly understand the moral of what I write. In truth I myself wonder if what I am saying is truth of self or soul. in truth what I mean to say is fuck you spy. thank you.*
I'm kind of out of the loop and need coffee this morning, I saw DJT and was like 'WTF, why is the Dow Jones Transportation index down 10%? Dear Lord!'
Loop capital has forecast SMCI to $1500 target...give me a f@#$ing break. Now, that is humorous.
Super Micro Price Target Raised to $1500.00/Share From $600.00 by Loop Capital wonder that they smoking over there
Damn sorry to hear them going worthless. I hope my shit wont be in a loop as well but will see
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