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Trading 1/4 the valuation of GM and F. It's still super overvalued. Just buy legacy auto stock if you want to play the ev game at this late point. They will scale pretty quickly now in the next few years as their new plants come online.
GM has developed tech to make their new Hummer parallel park itself. I want that.
So what?. GM, 3M, and Cisco have all been the biggest company in the world at one stage. GM went bankrupt. 3M and Cisco are mere shadows of their former glory days.
Imagine your portfolio held T, F, and GM for the past 20 years. 🤡
Gm Barbie!
They tried as much as possible to structure it to help GM and Ford. It's just that Tesla as an EV business is so far ahead of both of them that even with the playing field tilted as much as possible towards the OEMs, Tesla is still the biggest beneficiary by far.
$38k by me if I get one from their new inventory. Edit: That’s list price before tax rebate. But I’m waiting to check out the Chevrolet Equinox EV, that’s really caught my eye since GM announced they’d end production on the Bolt.
GM and Ford are spending like a combined $60 billion on building factories here to catch up on EVs, unions will get their share too.
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