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And the Tesla stock rises by 10% to celebrate the stock dilution. Cathie piles to claim it would rise to a gazillion, million value. Gives it a kiss of death! Meanwhile, Ford and GM gerk off in astonishment.
Ford, GM and Stellantis are still 10 years behind Tesla. Htundai/Kia are 5 years behind. Tesla will be just fine. Wait until they fully monetize other brands using their SC network that is massively expanding all over the world. That could become a trillion dollar business by itself.
If anyone is Blockbuster, it's Ford, GM and Stelantis. They continually make big promises to change to EVs, then keep dialing it back.
Plus their stock has been diluted to the tune of $56b. Bad for Tesla. Bad for shareholders. Teslas best days are in the past. GM, Ford, KIA will now mainstream EVs. I see a Tesla now in the same light as a fiat 500. I laugh and move on. Will never own one.
Downvote him all you want, this guy is absolutely correct. "Tesla Recalls over 2.2 Million Vehicles"...then you read the story and it's about the size of a warning light, so Tesla fixes it with a software update that took them about 5 minutes to fix. In fact, the fix was being deployed BEFORE the NBC article even came out. Try to get that fix done on any other vehicle. That's one example of many. I don't think many of you realize how much money is on the line in this EV fight; the knives are out, and have been out since day 2, for Tesla. GM and Ford are losing $ on every EV sold right now because they've been prematurely forced into this fight....probably the same for many other manufacturers as well.
Gm flipz I hope you have a great one
Gm! say it back 😡
Every time GM has goes broke, the US taxpayers keep it afloat. Certainly a free market.
No difference from Boeing, Lockheed Martin or Monsanto. Even GM gets subsidized.
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