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GM, VZ, TSM, almost every financial stock
i've been studying it. Let's face it earnings they already lowered guidance so if they beat it won't really be a revelation. So now let's go to the outlook and the call. These are my thoughts. EV's aren't going anywhere no matter how much the big 3 want to cry. Proof, China. Full stop. People want them and they are truly the way forward. More to the point. GM has a lineup of 5 EV's which 3 are SUV's and 1 is a Truck (Silverado) and they have the Hummer. We are going to a complete tail wind into EV's over the next couple years. On top of this, Tesla is coming out with a cheaper model and so is everyone else. Whatsmore, is that the big 3 have been complaining about Hybrids are the way forward (well every car m except Tesla) and guess what. They are plugin hybrids not the jenk battery and brake version which didn't do shit. The new Prius plus or premium gets 146 MPG. That's because of the plugin. So there will be that effect too. Chargepoint is the leading largest EV charge network in the world. It's not a matter of if but rather when. So take all of that with a grain of salt but to me if they can give proper guidance then it should pop. If they jenk both ends the report and the guidance you could see a 20% to 50% drop. The pop could be $20 to a 100% pop how low this thing is. Still thinking about it. lol.
GM Card is Marcus/GS after being Capital One before that and HSBC before that...
All in on Ford and GM 1/5 calls
Something about ford and gm… 🚀🚀🚀
I actually think this may be Apple’s best option. Card manufacturers have done this for years with GM cards and GM Financial, etc. GE had a financial wing too for decades. Sadly MBAs and constant quarter to quarter thinking always eventually ruin good long term products or services. I think where Apple could be successful is by treating revolving credit the same way they treated the launch of iTunes. It was never meant to be a money maker (or at least not a true profit center) on its own. It was a tactic that was part of a larger long term strategy. It was meant to break the strangle hold the music industry had on how music is released and purchased to make it easier to put music on an iPod. As long as getting music into the iPod was still something that felt a bit to ‘tech-y’ for most you wouldn’t reach mass adoption. Since the goal wasn’t to make iTunes a business, but instead make buying and listening your music easier thus selling more iPods and eventually iPhones, it was wildly successful. This lead to a massive influx in profit for Apple over years as once people saw the simplicity it was the only way they wanted to buy music thus making Apple an ‘AppleTon’ of money. If the Apple Card is mostly about making buying Apple products easier (I use mine for buying my phones, tablets, headphones, watches, and laptops using the no interest installment plans via the card. It’s bloody great. They even concierge deliver the gear to my house. I’ve definitely bought and paid off more gear than I would have without the card which is what they want). If they treat it like a way to move more product and not a line of business they’re looking to grow they could break the credit card industry at its core. Just like iTunes did for music. When I first got mine I was so impressed with the integration to the phone for payment, seeing installments easily, tracking spend, managing the debt, and the lack of fees in a lot of areas like International travel all with no extra app and additional logins. Everything tied to the TPM in the phone. Hell having no number on the card was crazy to me at first then awesome. I can re-issue my card number at will through the app without needing a new card. The problem with credit card companies is they want to squeeze every penny out of the user. That’s fine if that’s your business model, I guess. Apple could make a shit ton of money just by offering a card that is very clear about what it is, is simple to use, and makes payment easy without trying to SELL me A CARD. I don’t care about the prestige of a card or ‘what’s in my wallet’. Sorry, Sam. I care about what the financial tool can do for me and how it makes my daily life easier. My guess is Apple is at least having some serious conversations about things like “What if we just bought Diners Club International? They switched to the MasterCard network years ago and the only business they are really still in is corporate cards so there is a solid back end base we could buy with high spend corporate clients to balance consumer spending habits . We get all the existing infrastructure, existing card network expertise, own it as a separate company to reduce risk, and set the rules the way we want them.” They could definitely do it. I think the more likely outcome is the find a partner where they form a new company with Apple putting up a majority of the cash (and risk) and the financial services partner is the minority partner that gets to use their expertise on making the card work while getting some percent of the profit. Something like Apple creating a new card with a minority partner in financial services to ovesee the program. My feeling is the Goldman Sachs deal was Goldman wanting in on consumer lending thinking the Apple name has better consumer market penetration and Apple wanting a partner enticed by using the Apple name in a market space they aren’t currently in so they would give in to some of Apples “crazy” ideas.
It is not only a buy low sell high trick. When you have a dumb CEO or investor, who has no vesion for future and the world, it always ends in such a way. Moreover, you are also misled by EXPERTS - around end of 2016, I met several GM battery experts. They told me that TSLA deemed to fail by integrating many cells of battery for EV as the chance any cell down was very high even though TSLA battery production cost was much lower. Because of their advice, I ignored TSLA until 2022.
The problem is not the earning now, it's the survival of the GM as a company in the near future. The investors think GM will not survive after 4 years. Instead of spending the earnings now to improve products they chose to do a share buy back. This tells you how out of touch the management is. They should change the board and CEO immediately. Hopeless case!
Jim Farley at Ford is the one who agreed to the UAW deal. GM did not. GM was forced to mirror the deal Ford agreed to. Mary was going to drag the strike out and glide away on her golden parachute. That did not work, so her next best grift is a stock buyback.
Sooooooo…. You’re saying puts on GM !!!
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