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To be fair, stuff on eBay doesn’t usually start to get bid on until the final minutes of the auction, then the last like 10 seconds are a frenzy. That auction still has 6 days left
Ebay is great place for parts especially hard-to-find ones in my experience
Yuck, and I own products of both. My NVDA cards have always been near flawless, while my iphones and ipads on the other hand.... Can't even replace a fucking battery without a heat gun and taking the thing apart. Fucking ridiculous. It's why I only buy 6s plus used off Ebay for cheap, because I'm not about to open up a $1,500 iphone 15 with a heat gun and pry tools, and fuck with the tiny ass cable connectors with my 20x mag lens strapped to my face, *to replace a battery*, nor am I paying $200 for an iJerk to do it for me.
Forgot that thing existed. They are like half price on eBay lol
Extreme expectations, I have used two large drops in nvidia before. It took one missed quarter after the Bitcoin crash and large oversupply of gpus due to miners selling on eBay to send it -70% in weeks in 2018. This is not a threat anymore due to the fact it is a datacenter company nowadays and gaming segment is actually constantly declining. Anyways, Bought that fall and rode it into 2020 and got out before the last top which was pretty much based on supply chain issues that time around with TSMC. That crash was saved by the AI hype. Literally. But next crash has nothing new to hype. So the next one when the demand of datacenters have peaked and nvidia fundamentally plateau in demand vs supply constraints that’s the one I am pondering. People can’t seriously believe that these past quarters constitutes forward growth? It’s a demand shock initially around the datacenters to finally make nvidia a big corp. But what people expect now is revenues in the trillions. Not even Walmart is close after peaking at 600B revenues. The thing also is that TSMC is bipolar about their ability to supply chips and the supply chains were so weak in the pandemic, And TSMC is under constant threat of a Chinese invasion. People always mistake past events for future prophecy. The demand is real but the growth is never forever! Right now the intrinsic value is about 750B and I totally agree with that. That’s exactly what I few years ago expected it to become at this point when it was worth around 500B. Anyways the valuation is outlandish and fanboys with zero insight into nvidia has taken a great company to an extreme valuation with considerable threats to said valuation. Every single huge drop in nvidia has come on very small hurdles so it will be very interesting to see what pops it this time. My own thesis is that nvidia will mature into more like the aeronautics sector is with huge backlogs. But they won’t necessarily be able to supply the demand from TSMC and has to have a huge backup against that very real Chinese threat
#Ban Bet Won --- /u/OUCB_geebs made a bet that EBAY would go to 53.0 within **4 days** when it was 51.49 and it did, congrats you fuckin nerd. Their record is now 1 wins and 0 losses [**Join WSB Discord**](
Taser, the railroad stocks wayyyy back when eBay stock back in the day Monster Energy There's a few others. There's an stupid investing method that likes to keep tabs on these high growth stocks. I think it's called Investors business daily?
Look at Schott leather jackets they’re primo classic biker jackets made in USA I have the 141 classic and it’s sick. I got mine for a deal on eBay brand new less than half retail
NVDA 🐻s seen buying used faux leather jacket from eBay
You already have a bet going - EBAY to 53.0 before 24-May-2024 08:18 AM -05
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