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https://reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/13rroek/_/jlmcmpo/?context=1 All you have to do is follow my calls and you’d be rich
![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267) Manipulated market, don't do it
People are always like "crypto is stupid you can't even do anything with it" but they're wrong it's a perfect way to put your money directly into tech CEO's pockets and skip the middleman
I am looking to set up a strategy to short cryptos. What do you think ?
VIX has very little to do with "bulls" and "bears" [https://cdn.cboe.com/api/global/us\_indices/governance/Volatility\_Index\_Methodology\_Cboe\_Volatility\_Index.pdf](https://cdn.cboe.com/api/global/us_indices/governance/Volatility_Index_Methodology_Cboe_Volatility_Index.pdf)
where do you short it?
So do you
Real convo, any deep that feels less a man for not having sex with at least 10 women are either incredibly happy, and we all envy you, or fucken lying pussies. Like who stops at 10, are you sure of your pronouns dawg? Edit: like I’m just curious, before you made a post about not marrying someone who had sex 10 times did the mods do a prostate check to make sure you were human?
Stop drinking for a few days. Then start again. You will learn the reset. If you drink all the time your body gets over it and it has no effect. If you do not learn by then then learn to have sex with mud and rocks cause thats all you are meant to be. Control yourself or be controlled.
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