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I do not understand why you are so excited about this. Rate cuts would only help the economy in the short term and would eventually lead to higher inflation. The long-term effects of rate cuts are generally negative, so I don't see why you're happy about it.
What did the gerbil ever do to you
GTA6 is underwhelming because its the exact same formula, same graphics engine. Everyone has already played this game. They should be really trying to knock it out of the park. Like why aren't they using the Unreal 5 engine and going hyper realistic, and total VR-experience? They should be trying to make the Oasis game in Ready Player One. They could work with Google and make an updated map using streetview data to make a 3D version of the real city of Miami. The cutscene driven game-on-rails formula is so outdated. They should be going full open world, Fortnite style, with all online players cohabitating a single instance of the game. The tech is already here to do all of this, yet TTWO is going full boomer mode and going with 90's style gameplay.
Bulls don't say that shit memetards do
Why do Australian "men" exist when they're pretty much the same thing as lesbians?
What did the gerbil ever do to you ms 31
Well yeah as long as credit cards continue to extend invitations/up limits etc. I've literally gotten almost $1000 in free money this year alone opening new cards and getting my 200 bonus spending 500 in the first 3 months--blah blah. I have pretty solid credit. I get the bonus by paying my rent...then paying off the card with money i already was going to just pay my rent with anyway. I never touch it again. I can only imagine the people that continue to open these/spend money they DON'T have/open the next one, etc. I mean sure some of them attempt to pay back the minimums...but what happens when a majority of people no longer do at all or simply just...can't? I'm interested to see how the banks try and have the govt bail them out 2008 style round 2.0 only they say this time *oops we trusted our customers too much and gave them to high of a credit limit and now they can't pay it off* Ah shit I think I just cracked the code guys! Max out your cards and wait until the govt reliefs your debt you created for yourself!!
Honestly man, why can't a woman do some degenerate shit? Admittedly I don't customize my playable characters as women. But it seems most men do. Just look at GTA online. Besides that, men seem to really fucking like playing women characters in non customizable games. Just look at Lara Croft or anything like that. TBH it may skirt the whole issue some of the relationship issues that may arise from customizing their character as a woman due to the character being a woman stock. They can oggle all they want.
I don't think it would be stupid to hit her up again, but I certainly wouldn't do it if she didn't seem interested.
#Come on Mav #Don’t think. Just do
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