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Probably puts, the only way to fix the computers that already blue screened is to reboot each individual computer into safe mode, and then delete the file causing it. While bypassing restrictions that prevent people from tampering with the system in the first place The update that is pushed only affects computers that didn't get the last one, or haven't got the last one Installed (computers that bluescreened can't boot, so they can't get the update, computer must be operational to get the update) Calls on IT companies, lots of computers that need to be fixed one by one, which means lots of money to be had EDIT: context
Above 300 because now, even though they screwed up, they have a larger share of mind than any other cyber security firm. All of these people (myself included to some extent) that didn’t know exactly what crowdstrike does, feel that just about everything only works right if crowdstrike works right. Logic might be flawed but they are the xerox of the industry for a bit if they can pivot. Sidenote: some people are probably thinking “if only the computers were macs there wouldn’t be a blue screen of death” and are buying the dip. Silly as that is.
Chat GPT lets you create custom studies/indicator or tweak what others have created.It also creates custom scanners for you. Most of the scwab hate comes from the game store crowd. This is how I set up my watch lists. the Heat map is the current 20 minute candle color of the ticker symbol. Basically instead of simple red & green colored candles I have it shift from dark blue to red colors based on the momentum. So if it's dark blue then it's ice cold bearish momentum, but if it's dark red then it's super bullish. You can watch the candles on a chart slowly drift from dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, Here's a Tesla options trade chart setup
was it blue?
It's actually a blue screen situation but I dig your analogy.
It’s not a loss until you sell and you can’t sell if all your devices have the blue screen of death
Yeah I’m IT. Blue screen of death right now
From a LLM AI - Question: Did outages due to Crowdstrike affect expiration of July 19th options? Answer: The recent global outage caused by a CrowdStrike software update on July 19, 2024, significantly impacted various sectors, including airlines and financial services. This incident has raised concerns regarding its potential effects on the expiration of options on that date. Overview of the Outage On July 19, a faulty software update from CrowdStrike led to widespread disruptions, particularly affecting Microsoft Windows systems. Major airlines grounded flights, and numerous businesses faced operational challenges, including banks and healthcare systems. CrowdStrike's CEO confirmed that the issue was not a security breach but a defect in a content update for Windows hosts, which caused systems to crash and display the "Blue Screen of Death" . Impact on Financial Markets Analysts have expressed concerns that the timing of the outage, occurring in the last two weeks of the quarter, could adversely affect CrowdStrike's financial results. They noted that the disruptions might lead to increased expenses as the company works to remedy the situation and maintain customer relations, potentially involving credits or discounts that could impact profit margins . The outage's severity and its timing relative to the expiration of options on July 19 may have contributed to increased volatility in the markets. Traders reported significant difficulties executing transactions, which could have influenced options trading and expirations on that day. Conclusion While the direct impact on the expiration of July 19 options is not explicitly detailed in the reports, the widespread disruptions and market volatility caused by the CrowdStrike outage likely created an environment of uncertainty that could affect trading activities, including options expirations.
msft did it, motive: Kurz was out about 6 months ago telling cnbc and the world what a hazard the msft network is to the nation's security newsflash: Crowdstrike software does not control blue screen of death, other way around, yeah there was a bug, but....?
just fixed my blue screen in like 5 minutes but not before I took the whole day off with the excuse that I was waiting for IT to get back to me lol thanks for the long weekend Crowdstrike
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