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Quit a compelling story about NFLC last week. 22 feb: the story about misinformation report from Blue OrcA who seems to have a short position. Drop in stock to $14,- And then at the same day a respond from NFLC, countering the misinformation in the report.. Average stock price prediction 30,-
Arab conquests were in 7th century... Palestine was part of Roman Empire, after spending lot of time in Greek empire. Some Greeks and Romans were blue eyed. I don't know who fucked Maria but there is more chance he was blue eyed than Arabic.
QUICK! Someone give SPY a Blue Chew ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
Big Brother is taking all our MARA $$ and putting it back in blue chips... PUNK'd! ![img](emote|t5_2th52|33495)
Apologies if this feels like a noob question. Does anyone have an opinion on day trading on earnings reports? I'm wondering how much risk there is if you stick to mostly blue chip equities. Here's an example sequence of events of what I'm thinking: 1. You know that XYZ Company is going to be reporting earnings on Friday morning at 9am, and you are relatively comfortable that it's going to increase by at least 3-4% just based on previous quarters, analyst expectations, etc. 2. On Thursday evening you put a significant chunk of your free cash (let's say $100K as a hypothetical) into that stock as a Stop Loss Order, with a 2% loss risk tolerance. 3. On Friday morning, when the earnings are released, typically the stock would pop (or decline) either before the bell opens or whenever they report. 4. If it goes down, you are limiting your loss for the day to 2%. If it pops, you wait (15, 30, 45?) minutes to sell and take your profits. Typically there isn't a ton more movement after the first few minutes of the earnings release so you just accept whatever happens. 5. Rinse and Repeat with a different company the following day depending on the Earnings Calendar. So in a typical week, let's say you can do this 4 times, and only 1 out of the 4 bets loses you 2%, while the others earn you at least 3-4%, that should be a net increase of at least 7% for the week (+3%, +3%, +3%, -2%). Again, this may sound naive / noobish, but please let me know where my thought process might be flawed or a risk that I'm overlooking.
Christian church was in the game long before, turning arabic Jesus into a blue eyed blonde viking.
roses are red, violents are blue, theres always a gey ber then you
The one that matters. If I can’t talk about stuff that I care about in my workplace because some blue haired diversity hire might be offended I will leave. Which I did :)
work a blue collar job and bet on them ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
Only if the mountains are blue
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