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Blue it is.
Can we have an example of one of your dca stocks? How do you know which stocks people in masses are going to buy to bring the dca down? Did you stick to blue chips or tech?
Inflation , student loan , high interest rates , strikes , new strikes coming in soon , I do not see hope for blue collar people in this country
I don’t know if it’s 4-6 weeks too late. The reschedule recommendation was out of the blue, and yes most cannabis stocks shot up. But this is all still from the bottom. I think it’s the right time to get in.
I don’t actually think it’s a 3rd but rather two bear arms overlapping one another and wearing blue.
he wants to cosplay as some blue/black anthro fox or whatever by the way
Sounds like you're having a rough time, friend. Perhaps you know someone well connected or respected in the community who can go to bat for you? I wish you luck. Additionally, my personal feelings on the matter may not strike you favorably. Honestly, I'd put you behind bars for at least a decade. After all, I spent much of my youth disguised as a streetlamp outside my beloved's two story home, and the idea of some fool knocking into me out of the blue simply terrifies me! Although, in this case, I suppose I'd be willing to look the other way, as a favor to a good-natured stranger. For a simple, quick cash payment of no less than five thousand, I can personally guarantee you that I hold no harsh feelings about it.
Kinda looks like a beach - The red sand going into the water with a drop off and blue waves up top 🏖️
Are you even comprehending any of this? Seriously? Your responses don’t even make sense anymore. Read through Ford’s Financial statement for Q2 2023, specifically look at the Long Term Debt portion on page 10 as to where the majority of long term debt is, and even the short term liabilities where it says “Company Excluding Ford Credit”. Again, you WANT your finance arm to have debt. https://s201.q4cdn.com/693218008/files/doc_financials/2023/q2/7-27-23-Ford-Pro-Ford-Blue-Drive-Solid-Second-Quarter-Results-Company-Raises-Expectations-for-Full-Year-2023-Profitability.pdf Don’t be a typical r/wallstreetbets redditor. Learn something about these businesses and don’t be a bandwagoner.
Woah so he’s got the 75 headshot blue tiger paint job niceeeeeeeeeee
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