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Is Jewelz Blu Jewish?
At least target is just charging the same as the regular sale price on most items. I’ll take that over some of these sites marking up their usual sale prices and then saying it’s a sale… Walmart Blu-ray’s for 8 dollars being charged 15 and said regular cost is 30
This is painfully true, Netflix is compressed garbage these days, even if you buy whatever the premium gigachad plan is. It's only worth having a 4K TV if you're willing to pirate 4K Blu-rays IMHO.
Dude, I’ll check if I can buy a $15 blu ray cheaper before buying it, let alone a TV. Then watch some dope spend $700 on a TV that is obtainable online for 2/3 the price or less. Retail is for groceries, anything else, price check that shit.
I worked retail in a big box store over 15 years ago. I remember black Friday and being able to look up the "real" price of the thing, aka the price the store paid for it. It was ALWAYS lower than the price we sold that "black friday" TV for. The price is $300? Well we paid $120 for it The one and ONLY good black Friday deal we had was $20 off the Matrix collection Blu ray set and they only sent us one copy of it, which I bought immediately.
Yup, then I can collect shows and movies I like and drop shit like Netflix and Disney+, saving money until they get new, decent, stuff on their platforms. Outside of the Marvel movies, main Disney movies like Tangled, Frozen, etc. and Bluey what the hell do I need it for? Spend $150 buying the physical discs, then I don’t need Disney+ and my kids still get to watch the Disney+ stuff they care about. That alone saves the $140 subscription every year, and those physical discs are mine. I hate renting/subscriptions since it’s throwing money at something you’ll never own. ETA: Plus Blu Rays have better quality than streaming.
People buy blu rays?! I didn’t realize anyone consumed physical media anymore
Don’t forget blu rays. My Wife and I did our Christmas shopping over the last 2 weeks. I’m fairly certain we spent around $2k on blu rays. Our Son will be getting 16 blu rays, our daughter something like 13, my Wife picked up 6 or so. While I grabbed over 40 series worth of blu rays. Most were 50-75% off, but A LOT were 85% off this year. Other than blu rays though, nothing decent was on sale. Hell, those 16 blu rays we grabbed for my son was something like $115 total. The brand new Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse was $8, lol.
*"The film's budget ballooned to $175 million because of complex re-shoots and a lengthy post-production period. While not a success in cinemas, it did well on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray."*
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