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Wish. Waiting to be tax harvest against other gains.
Oh wow, do I wish I would have known this two weeks ago. I lost 42K on AMC because I got caught up in the regardedness of it all. It hurt bad. Never again.
Wish I saw that a year ago. Still sold some and made a tidy profit today
Damn, wish I saw your original post. Woke up this morning right at market open in extreme pain from an injury so I called out of work and just went back to bed. A few hours later, saw people talking about it and jumped in with a small amount of money at $8 per share. Would've been nice to have gotten in earlier but at least this seems to be a solid long term play
Now I wish I held my 529p’s I sold at open ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
I wish nothing but the best for your calls
Ahhh smile direct and wish both classic moments 
That’s funny I made almost the same plays, but didn’t take $PATH… (wish I had), call debt spreads on $AI, straddle on $FL, and played a straddle on $OKTA as well.
Wish I wouldn't have sold my ASTS leaps a few weeks ago. Would have been a 10 bagger with only 450 in. Way she goes, Bubs.
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