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can anyone explain soun. I get their under NVDA's wing but WTF. I'd rather buy JIN
No, Sundar needs to quit responding to bad faith actors.  Right wing Twitter is not interested in helping Google solve issues, that group of miscreants is interested in baiting a response. They succeeded and generated a bad news cycle because I guess the CEO of Google doesn't have anything better to do than react to any negative press? Honestly, it is their communications department that is failing more than anything. Individual Google executives shouldn't be responding on Twitter to anybody reporting in bad faith.  Lastly, Gen Z is the most queer and brownest generation in American history in aggregate. Backlash from mediocre white guys will die with them, and the companies which live their values will ultimately win in the long run. Since AI is just a fancy parrot, it actually is reasonable for it to attempt to correct pre-existing bias in its training data. This whole episode is one gigantic nothing. 
This is the correct take. The stock responded so negatively because the Google comms department is asleep at the wheel. Someone needs to tell their executives that right wing nut jobs bitching on Twitter are acting in bad faith. They aren’t trying to help you find bugs, they are trying to bait you into responding.
why do you have to be right or left wing to agree with the idea of renewable energy sources?
How is Elon right wing and into renewable energy sources? What exactly is going on here?
I like WING, both the food and the stock
You can get chipotle in like 2 minutes. Wing stop makes every order from scratch. They estimate 18 minutes from the time of ordering. I wouldn’t really compare the two
Why wing stop ???
I remember telling y'all to refinance your house on wing @32$/sh back in the days. Crazy
Yup ….70 billion Marketcap like chipolte would put wing at $2000
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