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Because the [HoloLens has a laughably terrible FOV]( for the actual AR overlay. So if you move your head at all you lose track of where you placed that AR object. Have you ever used it? You essentially never see the ar things you’ve laid out because if you move your head even slightly it’s gone, and it looks like crap anyways. So now both Meta and Apple are trying to overcome the FOV problems with projection AR systems like HoloLens and Magic Leap using VR headsets with a video feed passthrough of the outside world. That lets you achieve a much larger FOV like any VR headset. But Apple has thrown **way** more processing power and $$$$ hardware at the problem with the Vision Pro. Essentially the Vision Pro is the iPhone 1 and the HoloLens is a Microsoft Windows PDA from 2002. Apple has created the super expensive but legitimately huge leap forward in the space
He's a pussy and needs to pull himself up by his pussyboot straps, I aint buying your cat an apple view, but he can have my old ipod and apple watch
The main point of crypto (BTC) creation was to create a trust less decentralised currency with no central authority like a government. Essential to remove the middle man that can’t be trusted after the gfc of 2008, Not an unregulated fiat currency as you claim. This just started the movement into different blockchains with different applications. In the future we may see our entire political system and voting systems supported by blockchain technologies that are open for anyone to investigate its authenticity and completely immune to bad actors who would want to abuse the system. If you really can’t see genuine value that can be produced by blockchain technology in the future I’m sorry I can’t help you. Your logic about if my theory is correct all crypto would be the same value is just false. The underlying technology still needs to be innovated and improved just like any new technology. That is my point, all the current projects can fail and blockchain will still be a relevant technology 20 years from now. Btw network capabilities mean nothing to the value of a blockchain. Community use-age and growth/adoption is the most important. What the point of using a currency if the only people that accept it is your neighbour George. My point is fiat currency is fake all money is fake the only reason it is real is because we believe it is. Our society relies on this belief to operate that’s why trust in our financial system is so important. If enough people adopt btc as a currency than that is what gives in the value not its network capabilities. That is quite a common concept btw for someone who is claiming deep knowledge on the subject. I have nothing to prove to random person on reddit. I can see your very keen to discredit me by throwing insults and assumptions which is quite normal for reddit especially if the person is insecure or not willing to defend their views. I’m open to expand my view if I am wrong and am open to see reasoning behind your logic. At the moment it seems you lack nuance and are looking at this in a black and white way. I backed up my views, what are your thoughts?
But why is it giving us the finger in the month view?
So compared to previous devices in this category (which there aren’t many of); it has a higher screen resolution allowing white-collar work to be done for long periods of time without causing eye strain, foveated rendering where it ensures the area you are looking at is rendered in the maximum clarity, market leading eye+hand tracking, an intuitive and performant OS/UI, a significant step up in processing power which will allow much more complex applications, and a built in developer ecosystem that have been making ARKit apps for years that can easily be ported over to this headset which will ensure it has a robust software ecosystem at launch. The only other devices on the market similar to this are the ancient HoloLens with a pathetically small field of view, and the Quest Pro which is limited in so many ways. It really is a step up and almost every way, except if you’re looking to play VR games.
Lose money with a good view, I like it
Wants the view on refiners, in light of OPEC production cuts?
Why would I wear this for other person to view video on my face. I wish there was a way there were backwards /s. Maybe to be used on your girlfriend
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