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ULTA was at 570+ on March 14. Now at 423. That's a pretty significant dump over 4-5 weeks.
I fucking hate ULTA bro. Their CEO tanked their whole sector for no reason
Recheck Rivian, snow, PayPal, Tesla, SoFi, intc, lulu, Ulta ...I could keep going....
do some DD and post it here? they seem to be a huge market cap with huge drop. Worth additional research. Similar % drop to $LW (which I did a shitty, but successful DD on), and $ULTA. Playing the recovery could net some good gains (if there’s any chance of recovery.)
really glad i swapped out my MU calls for Ulta calls this morning almost made money for a second there
fuck that Ulta CEO that tanked his stock for no good reason
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