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MGM and Caesars before this, yes one decline happened but providers haven’t even made national news with lack of payments. If the bill isnt getting paid unless by hand the market is operating at a reduced efficiency. CZR had to pay, MGM took four weeks for the stock to recover after ALPHV/Blackcat. This isn’t an email list that was hacked. Their entire system is encrypted. They also dumped all the shares at the C-Level over the past week… You really think a company that can’t process claims, prescriptions , and just posted a 10-K yesterday with 7 pages of risk factors related to litigation. Wooooffff just cause it’s $40 off it’s high does solve a huge billion dollar business unit being entirely shut down and not money generating
Hi son, just going down the street for some smokes BRB, k ![img](emote|t5_2th52|31226)
Bro congrats but can I get a single K out of that million? I got mega f’d on snow calls on that major wildcard CEO leave despite good earnings.. :(
This dude is all nonchalant paying more in fees’, than I strive to sustain profiting on the side; weekly. Damn the cavalier manner in which he’s dropped a few Hundred K! Ugh, Rich people problems at its best.
I need soun to do what dwac just did, k thx
It’s already been to 60 K so it won’t be here, I’d say probably about 85-100k then it’ll crash back down to 50/60 for a bit before fining steam again.
Really mara? no V? no v? nothing? K
if anyone with a lot of money could please a loooooot of IOVA stocks so its price can go up and I can sell it would be life changing. Please do it. k thx
Quite literally every institution is failing. Here's a non-comprehensive highlight, that does NOT touch upon: °Our rights to bodily autonomy °Underfunding of K-12 education °Failing infrastructure °For-profit-to-prison pipelining °Food insecurity °Continued police brutality among our communities of color °A literal convicted rapist-fraudster-con-man who will probably be our next president in the U.S. And others... ***The auto industry is sounding the alarms (big players are closing their doors, prices are steely declining, while inventory continues to pile up) Worth knowing: sub-prime sales are typically considered a leading indicator with respect to the overall health of the industry. They're the proverbial "canary in the coal mine". The bird just coughed. (the article below isn't an isolate incident) ***Inventory is an issue, all of the sudden:,continue%20to%20rise%20in%202024 ***Credit card debt is over $1T and the higher interest rates are back-breaking. ***Student loan debt is back to soaking people to the tune of nearly TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. ($1.77T) "According to the Education Data Initiative, the average monthly student loan payment is $503 as of May 30, 2023. The average borrower takes 20 years to repay their student loan debt. " People can barely afford to live now they have an extra (average) $500 bill into perpetuity. ***Housing is the least affordable it's ever been, for both single family home purchases and rentals. "Since 2019, the biggest jump in unaffordability was for households making $30,000 to $74,999 a year. Even among those working full time, a third of all renters were still cost-burdened. ***For renters making under $30,000 — who already faced the most severe struggle to afford housing — Airgood-Obrycki "didn't think it could possibly get that much higher." But the report found it did nudge up, to an all-time high of 83% who are cost-burdened." ***For single family home owners: "The housing market is so unaffordable that buyers need to make nearly $115K to afford the average home, Redfin says—that’s $40k more than average earnings. " ***Stock market is WILDLY hyperinflationary: "The American stock market currently appears to be overvalued by 59%. In other words, it would take a 37% drop to bring the market back to its long-run equilibrium level. At the last all-time high, on November 8, 2021, the market was 77.7% overvalued. In comparison, at the peak of the Dot-com bubble, on March 24, 2000, the market was 88.6% overvalued. When the market bottomed out 2.5 years later, it had dropped 50.2% from its previous all-time high and was undervalued by 20%.",to%20be%20overvalued%20by%2060%25. ***Greedflation is still VERY much a thing. "Corporate profits drove 53% of inflation during the second and third quarters of 2023 and more than one-third since the start of the pandemic, the report found, analyzing Commerce Department data. That's a massive jump from the four decades prior to the pandemic, when profits drove just 11% of price growth.",just%2011%25%20of%20price%20growth *Healthcare According to a 2022 National Health Interview Survey, more than 28% of adults delay or don't get healthcare due to cost. 47% of US adults say it's very or somewhat difficult to afford their healthcare costs. 85% of uninsured adults under 65 say it's difficult to afford healthcare costs, compared to 47% of those with health insurance. 51% of working-age Americans struggle to afford their healthcare, and about 32% have medical debt. 43% of working-age adults with employer coverage, 57% with marketplace or individual plans, and 45% with Medicaid say they struggle to afford healthcare. According to Axios, people who bought their own coverage, including on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, have the hardest time affording care.
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