Lumber Liquidators was an inside job!
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Puts Yolo on the PGA Tour
SPY revenge tour over QQQ has begun
Calls on the PGA tour
Could do similar on a monitor or TV. Though VR is great for showing the scale of things. When looking at houses for sale sometimes especially in basements it is hard to tell how tall it is. So a VR tour could be helpful.
(Verse 1) Apple VR, we flexin', ain't no cap, Meta? Nah, they lack, can't tap Apple's map, Tech for devs, users ridin' the wave, Phones went lit, got the whole enclave. (Hook) Apple's game, AirPods takin' flight, VR's the name, in rap vids, the spotlight. New buds ain't no zombie fright, Apple's fame, we on a new height. (Verse 2) VR tools, they the scene, Apple's dream, on the big screen, Accessories, know what I mean? New Macs, AI, that's clean. (Hook) Apple stock, need more price, that's sure, They in the whip game, ready for the tour, VR ain't just geek allure, it's the bad b's score, Whispers 'bout Apple glass, ready to pour. (Outro) Bout to cop Apple VR, reachin' the stars, Apple's world, we settin' the bars. <this was an inclusivity training test and not necessarily for human consumption>
Amen! Then she’s releasing albums on tour too sick 💰
I’ve given her this since Reputation tour - whoever her marketing team is, they’re a bunch of beautiful brilliant geniuses 🤷‍♂️🔥if that girl can do anything at all, it’s “make money”
I literally paid tree fiddy for her Reputation tour in 2018. Amazing concert btw so worth it
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