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>they should film a tour of my grandma's basement where I live, and see a real player's crib Sounds like more of a bassinet to me
I just saw a house tour video of Sandra Bullock's $30million house. It's shit. they should film a tour of my grandma's basement where I live, and see a real player's crib
Why you got tour dick in your hand?
The Turkish one is automatic if your layover in Turkey meets their requirements. https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-us/flights/hotel-service/. You can get a city tour instead if you prefer. United has the excursionist perk, which gives you a free one way within their rules, mostly starting and ending internationally. https://www.united.com/en/us/fly/mileageplus/benefits/mileageplus-air-awards.html
Go fuck tour blue chip pussy
Play an instrument and tour the country
While BABA’s troubles started from Jack’s speech. Right before Ant Group’s IPO attempt. Which admonished Chinese banking authorities, of being stuck 50 years in the past. Jack’s retirement tour since, still looks more fun than Carlos’. Yet PRC brand of detention without trial. On top of a 99.9% conviction rate justice system. Still gets more grief than Japan’s. As for nationalisation of public companies, everyone just claims national security; [Japanese Investment Corporation buy-out of JSR shows Tokyo no longer trusts private capital with its semiconductor supply chain](https://asiatimes.com/2023/07/japan-shuns-the-market-with-chip-firm-nationalization/)
The whole interview is incredible. Full on apology tour because he desperately needs everyone to like him while spending an hour talking about how its not an apology tour and how he doesn't suffer from the weakness of needing people to like him. Spent more time talking about his depressing child hood than anything else. Self proclaimed savior of planet earth.
Nah there's no grand plan in action here. He's uncomfortable AF up there being pinned down on failing at a collosal scale and then doing his bs apology tour... to get the upper hand he lashes out with the "well I don't care!" response like a 5 yo. No other way to deflect.
This is funnier when you take into consideration that he just had a feel bad for us tour through isreal the day before
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