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TLRY why you doing us like this
CRLBF VRNOF are running multi state operations and could explode if institutions decide, or are allowed, to pump pot stonks this year. For broader exposure see MSOS MJ. Canadian cannabis is beat to a pulp could be cheap rn (regarded nuggets), see bear raid on TLRY and CGC these last 2 years.
TLRY $2 calls look good here.
I can't fucking believe I bought TLRY calls. I'm fuckin regarded
Said it yesterday and will say it again- TLRY will be green again today. News coming soon.
TLRY 4202024
Yikes, were you listening to those guys pumping TLRY?
I could not be more excited holding $2 calls for TLRY. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
I’m inching to buy some TLRY bags myself
Need JB and the Dems to win in November and legalize funny cigarettes. These TLRY and SNDL bags are getting heavy.
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