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This guys account's main purpose is to just bash tlry. Don't worry about it
Around 10k on TLRY
I saw 2 Big problems with this Industry: 1. Weed is not in constant demand, it's not a basic need like other Consumer Products. Which means this business it's a highly Cyclical Business. You need a lax and Expansive Monetary Policy (*stimulus, Brrr*) where people "feel rich", as in 2020, for people consume this product, which can be categorized as "for entertainment" 2. The demand of Weed in the Healthcare Sector is Very Low and very Concentrated in a Small Niche (*Ex. chronic pain or cancer)* Then the few Companies you mentioned are companies that are **Not Profitable (EPS)** because despite having a relatively decent **Capital Structure (EV)** where **Total Deb**t and **Cash balance** are relatively matched, they have a **high OPEX** that leaves the **Business without Earnings** For Example: $TLRY OPEX https://preview.redd.it/7ic2dyq706qb1.jpeg?width=594&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5b697f7f1ce85f37343b7c4006ed5c8200480151 1. Revenues - COGS = **Gross Profit (*****Gross Profit Margin %*****)** 2. Gross Profit - OPEX (*SG&A + R&D + Other Ex*) = **Operating Income (*****Operating Margin %*****)** 3. Operating Income (*Pre Tax Income*) - Interest Expenses + Taxes = **Net Income (*****Profit Margin %*****)** In each of the companies you mention have a negative **Operating Margin**, cuz in most of them the **OPEX exceeds the Gross Profit**. **This can only be overcome with high demand that raises Sales (*****Rev*****) to a level that leaves production costs (OPEX) behind**. And if we go to the **Cash flow Statement,** you can see that Money is going out, Not coming in. Which pushes them to take on more Debt Even in a scenario where Demand Increases, as it did in 2020, it's a Business that has trouble reducing the 'Cost of Production' (OPEX), so they have to take on more Debt. As I said at the beginning, it's a very cyclical business and also without much demand, we cannot expect a great growth without the right conditions (*such as 2020*). Who knows? The Money printing machine can go back again in 2024 :P And The Weed Industry Explodes again!
I haven’t went through all the companies, so I am not versed in the individual assets of every company. The only position I’m holding in my portfolio is TLRY, and I have a few posts about my YOLO on my profile.
TLRY undervalued heavy
TLRY 🚀🚀🚀🚀
None! I don’t care for TLRY, I’ve been with SNDL for 3+ years. They’ve come a longs ways imo.
How heavy are your TLRY bags? They sound pretty heavy. Don't let big bags get in the way of making money.
Yes and no. TLRY will rise because the industry will rise. But TLRY is likely going to be unable to get in on the actual US funding until full legalization and 280e. And even then, it’ll be iffy and weird.
You guys are about 4-6 weeks too late but still decent entry. If you hold TLRY or GCG dump it on the news and move into MSO (GTI, Cresco, Cura, Truelieve) the FAANG of US cannabis...
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