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>Chimerix Inc. has been awarded a contract by the Canadian government worth up to $32.9 million (US$25.3 million) for its smallpox drug likely to be used to treat monkeypox as the viral infection spreads across the world. Twice as big of deal as SIGA. CMRX
2 days ago
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>The variola virus causes smallpox. In the past, people spread smallpox most commonly through direct, prolonged face-to-face contact with others. When they sneezed or coughed, they would send respiratory particles through the air. **When other people inhaled these large droplets, they would become infected.** Monkeypox is a variola virus and in the same family as smallpox. They spread the same. This is how I knew Sars2 would reinfect, it behaves like other coronaviruses. This is how you get 4,000 confirmed cases in 45 days. It spreads very easily. And this is likely a 10x, undercount, as not everyone gets tested. EBS, SIGA 🚀
2 days ago
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SIGA WHO is in a closed session today preparing to declare the monk pox an international emergency. SIGA also announced a tiny deal today of 13Mil. two jurisdictions and one country involved. Imagine the size when the EU or US makes a deal. Cases are doubling every 9 days. ​ I know monk pox is a meme but this is real and the biggest no brainer buy in todays market. ​
3 days ago
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WHO to declare Monkeypox a pandemic? $SIGA $BVNKF
3 days ago
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>Monkeypox case key milestones: >May 6th: 1st case >May 21st : 100th case >May 30th: 500th case >June 6th: 1,000th case >June 14th: 2,000th case >June 21st: 3,400th case > SIGA
5 days ago
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