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Let see another day of -5% for shits and giggles and then shoot up to close green again
12 minutes ago
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Yep. Cars, gas, bacon 🤷. As semiconductor supply improves cars should come back down. Semis are massively ramping up capex (see TSM, INTC) for the next super cycle in the long-term and in the shorter term I have to imagine that China is going to stop the zero tolerance COVID lockdown policy at some point in the nearish future which should help the supply chain as well. I should also mention semiconductor stocks are my favorite play right now as a sort of value-tech proposition. Next cycle ramping up currently and still at very very reasonable valuations by traditional measures like P/E (even after their big run up the past couples years) with great tailwinds for increasing profit growth. Seriously I would love for someone to explain to me why MU trades at a P/E of like 12.5 and forward P/E of like 9. Semiconductors are in everything now and only increasing, likely decreasing cyclicality long-term. Edit: bearish future corrected to nearish future
13 minutes ago
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IF I SEE RED, I SELL QUICKLY: https://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/1999/06/21/261690/index.htm Barbara Streisand is actually a monster at day trading. Making her friend 6 figure gains. She's the OG WSB autist.
18 minutes ago
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We’ll see more comments like this. You have to think in terms of cash net of liabilities or at a minimum net of current liabilities. A company with $5B in cash and liabilities of $5B can’t give the cash to shareholders and tell the creditors to take a hike. Who knows what their current financial position is anyway when they’re months behind on filing required reports?
22 minutes ago
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Spy down 1.80% and they’re tripping over themselves to see who can get to wsb first and dunk on bears. It’s sad and pathetic but also fucking hilarious
23 minutes ago
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Can we see 420.69 for old time sakes
25 minutes ago
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Glad to see theta gang is still surviving
27 minutes ago
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I see 428 as the low
27 minutes ago
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Good point. Have been bag holding. Hard to see it go down day after day after day
28 minutes ago
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I suggest that you haven't had any financial or economic education, otherwise your suggestions that hell will break loose if next inflation indicators will still show high 7+ numbers in April, wouldn't make sense to you. It's a possibility, but not a sure one. Look at the current market situation, we have high demand and low supply due to problems in international logistics. If you raise interests rates drastically you will hinder the recovery, because you try to force low prices in that environment, which is only possible if you demotivate everyone to spend a buck. If you consider that China is beginning to lower interest rates and have in mind the financing gap for world tasks like climate change, you will see that there is no time for longterm monetary easing.
28 minutes ago
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