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"$4,300 in rent for one-bedroom in NYC; no signs of cooling, data shows" top dollar but like living in godforsaken Detroit.
Might need the caliper tool to screw them in while compressing. Harbor Freight or rent from auto parts
Buy a gun and rent a car with that $300. Then rob a bank.
It is funny that you can walk into any brokerage, open an account for free, and use $20 to "seize the means of production" and become a filthy rent seeking owner and no one can stop you. Not everyone can save enough to invest, I understand that, but it is pretty astonishing that millions of americas have, over time, built up huge stock positions in businesses that never would have been possible before. Its a pretty incredible system.
Net income in this context is not very relevant. Sure you can use it to compare companies but debt payments and other expenses does not come from net income. There is option to use part or all net income to cover bigger part of debt than you need to but there is no such obligation and that would be stupid in most cases. If you compare net income/profit of corporation to regular person having a salary than net income is not whole salary but what is left after paying all the bills and covering all the expenses that is even remotely conected to your work, including things like food, haircut and car payments, mortgage or rent... so good net income for person would be something around 30 % of salary that you can spend on shit you like but dont need, like bitcoin, nft, gambling in stock market, fortinte skins or whatever
you dont need inflation, inflation is bad for the economy. i am sorry that you dont get it. poor people rent houses because inflation makes them working harder to not even catch up with inflation, not to even mention house prices. with fixed money supply poor people could aford pay for a home straight up cash. since home prices would go down every year. And not even a single rich guy would invest in real estate since it would be a depreciating asset. inflation makes people buy assets to protect from money theft (inflation). People shouldnt be buying assets to protect from inflation, thats too bad that needs to happen. 99% of the time inflation on real estate is higher than interest on debt Tbh AI will make this problem even worse. Since we have an inflation economy with huge debt, AI will create more deflation pressures since it will be more productive and take many people out of work. When theres deflation pressure, the central bank prints alot more money to fight it. This will make asset prices go even higher, meanwhile since AI makes jobs more productive there will not be the same increase as there was on the money supply on poor people salaries. Wich makes my point that people always need to work harder to keep up with inflation if they dont have money to buy assets. On a fixed money supply, since there is no debt problem ( its too expensive to go on debt), AI would make everyone richer and no one would be printing money to figh the deflationary pressures of AI. Exemple : people will lose jobs sure, but on the other hand they would not need to find a job to earn has much as before to buy the same things since everything went down in price because of the productivity of AI. In todays world people would also lose the job and need to find a job that pays even higher since the central bank printed out way the deflationary pressure of the AI making everything more exepensive again. You have to agree since their mandate is to target always 2% inflation and fight unemployment. they cant allow AI make goods and services cheap and kill jobs, so what do they do? They print trilions of dollares to create demand wich makes asset prices go up and up and up forever. But in reality what they dont say is that they are just monetizing the debt, with more moeny priniting. its just that that they do, if they dont print money US and the all world cant pay the debt and all goes to dust in a single day Can you see the problem ? In the end it always ends with a bust. Not saying it will hapen today not even in the next 50 years, but it will hapen since its all a ponzi. those who have assets keep geting richer without the need to work, they can even aquire more assets without working they just need to borrow against their other assets and let inflation pay the debt itself since is always higher than interest on debt. People hate Donald Trump for doing this, but this is standard for the rich guys.Inflation makes richer even richer and poor even poor. and if you try to legislate it you make things even worse. Look at argentina those without assets have to work harder and harder to get a good quality of life and are always seeing their dream asset runs way from them even further
There are two things here: 1. Saving is a long game and good for everyone. Saving 10% of your income for 40 years at 8% (conservative market average) leaves you with enough money to replace your income with a 4% draw (conservative "perpetual" draw rate). Get a roommate, rent a smaller place, don't dine out, etc - pay yourself that 10% first and "older you" will thank you. Or don't and spend your golden years being a walmart greeter while you complain about social security not keeping up with inflation. 2. Giving company stock as compensation is good for the company. You incentivize employees to care about the the same thing the owner(s) care about - the long-term success of the organization. Companies aren't loyal to workers and workers aren't loyal to companies, nor should they be. But if everyone is in the same financial boat then everyone's financial interests are aligned and there won't be nearly as much friction.
How are you all so rich but you can’t afford one months rent with that buying power?
Haha so smart . If my bro making $16 an hour has anything left after making rent and buying high priced groceries , that Nickle he has left might make 5.00125 nickels this year . He sure showed them !
Kind of yes, but inflation is necessary for banks, you can argue that the poor need that more. The issue is they are undereducated on how to capitalize on certain things, or they feel guilty taking an assistance program, while the rich are fine with write offs which is essentially the same. We need inflation for the economy to work. It's essential. The goal rate is to control the issue you're mentioning. But, COVID didn't help nor did the facade of wall street. Our interest rates are going up more right now and that's just because of the governments idea to make it better. Keep in mind, they have more metrics than we have access to. They really do know more whether we are more intelligent or not. Also there is a lot of things requiring clearance. We don't really have the whole picture. But with what you can learn you can see it's a very complex situation and it's not that they are nefarious. Tbh we need them to learn to use AI so they can actually use the data to the fullest extent. (Poor need banks because they rent houses they can't pay cash for. If they get a house they need a loan to buy it)
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