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Tom “fat cuck” Ree ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
This is highly ree garded
wow nice job Ree Tardey Oswald
I bet in twenty years you'll find out that some of the secret service was in on it. How do you not guard the only roof around the entire area? How does the counter sniper not engage for three minutes with the little fuck until after he shot multiple shots? They see a kid army crawling up the only roof in the area with an assault rifle and let him shoot multiple shots before engaging. I bet they're so fucking mad Ree Tardy Oswald missed.
Decide to assassinate the president Have a clear shot of a man the size of a city block Have ridiculous amount of time to aim and take the shot Shot Miss Miss Miss Hit three randoms instead Thank you Ree Tardy Oswald
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