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Pacer Funds Trust - Pacer BlueStar Digital Entertainment ETF

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Damn well, to be honest, walking away sounds like the best thing you can do. The posts where you see someone shares that they made a lucky call going against the grain and making $1M overnight are not a sign that the odd of this actually being you someday arent slim to zero. You are straight up gambling. How much research are you putting into these decisions? Have you been waking up at 5am for the past 6 months to gather info and chart out possibilities of how this could end up being the right play at the right time? If you are literally making moves based on “what goes up must come down” logic, you really NEED to quit as odds are you wont just get lucky some day or the day you make 1M is the day you are finally out of the red. Keep in mind, I have no doubt some crazy win posts are legit, but I also have no doubt some are photoshops or apps that you just punch numbers into and get a screenshot. Numbers and charts are some of the easiest things to recreate or photoshop.
Uhhh, did you read the contract? He totally deserves it. It was at a time when Tesla wasn’t worth much and if it rose like 5x he gets that pay package. He pulled it off despite the odds. So yea, he actually earned it.
Okay so what are the odds Tesla actually maintains this price at open?
The option itself is tradeable. You just sell it to some other regard same as you sell stocks. If you don't have the cash in your account to exercise, your broker will automatically sell it for you some time before expiration (30 mins before for Robinhood). You get whatever the market value is. The options price is like odds for gambling. As you get closer to expiration, price basically goes to the difference between stock price and option strike price (or zero if it's out of the money).
What are the odds that the super load slips off the truck en route?
The time to do this was their December earnings. It already had the AI push and to expect another huge move on them is kinda silly. Also buying before earnings you have the elevated IV. Another commenter was saying the only strike that’s for $20 is 40% otm. I’d wait the earnings out and maybe buy 0dte options on Friday I think that’s a lot better odds. Or one week out but after the IV goes down
1/100 is pretty good odds
if your odds are worse than 50 50, and you keep playing, eventually a loss is almost guaranteed. the same as a casino
If RPI can buy out Mastodon and change it's name to Y then Id say odds are good
Sir. This is a casino. The odds always favor the house.
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