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Pacer Funds Trust - Pacer BlueStar Digital Entertainment ETF

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About Pacer Funds Trust - Pacer BlueStar Digital Entertainment ETF

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Taking a break from the market. Going to play blackjack, I like my odds better
I like these odds
Maybe he just followed [this guy’s]( play like hundreds of others on the sub. He posts his track record and all 3 of his predictions landed overnight. So far he’s got a 70% prediction rate so as long as you don’t go too heavy on any one play, decent odds it balances out in your favor.
I shit on SPACS yesterday and got schooled with no less than 40 SPAC greatest hits to whip me into humility. SOUN puts or calls on this ER is truly the purest form of gambling. My the odds ever be in your favor.
Odds CELH hits $80 today??
Odds nvda breaks $800 today?
Your all time graph is a perfect illustration of gambling addiction. First one's free, then they got you. Somehow you just won the jackpot against all odds to make it exciting again. But you didn't win any money yet lol. You're still as excited about it as a 7 year old boy on christmas day. So you'll continue to play and give back all of your "gains" to experience that kind of buzz again.
Yeah but odds are if the odds are picking it, the evens aren’t. 63% of statistics are made up
Inverse is 56% odds, bless my puts
If you're thinking it, odds are there's a lot of other people also thinking it.
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