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Only if the Americans change their standard of living and even then I am skeptical that it would be sustainable with a growing population. Sure they can take care of themselves for a x amount of years. But just as every other country in the world imports are necessary. But the same goes for Europe. Don’t pretend like the USA is a completely different ball game from the EU. The main difference is that the EU is more divided. The guy I am responding to is pretending like the EU can’t feed themselves. That is totally bullshit. You realize a small country such as the Netherlands is the nr 2 agricultural exporter in the world? Imagine what a country the size of Germany and France could be capable of when they use the same tech. If the EU collapse the USA will go down with them. Same thing the other way around. The USA currently is making big buddies with the Netherlands for their ASML tech. If we would give that tech to China the USA is fucked.Self sufficient my ass. We are at-least 10 years ahead with our computer chip building machines. Stop being a nationalist. The USA is not indestructible.
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