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**$MARA** get ahead of the coming MARA squeeze. MARA & WULF have been the 2 most shorted miners... WULF squeezing now.. MARA will follow. The past 6 months...MARA likes to squeeze from $20.. to a quick move over $30 (a proper squeeze will go much higher). MARA is one of the few profitable miners, despite short misinformation (fact check me.. click in the PE and fwd PE of all of the miners). Also- BTC is squeezing back up- on the verge if a big breakout... MARA will be the biggest beneficiary when BTC finally breaks out.
Quite the recovery on MARA and CLSK. Now if we could only get into the 20s so I can dump my bags and be rid of this headache forever lol
Yeah probably gonna dump and take MARA with it.
I'm guessing you purchased about 100 contracts of 0 DTE MARA $19.5 strike puts this morning (around 9:00 AM) for $0.0375 per share (about $4,000 cost basis). You then sold those 100 contracts about 30 minutes before close (around 2:30 PM) for $0.30 per share (about $32,000 gain).
How? Mara 0dte puts?
What's the story here? What's up with MARA?
guess i sold my MARA put too early smh 
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