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You're probably right. I'd just say it's flagging though. You make the period of consolidation sound too bearish lol. The last time it flagged after a big runup was about March 7 / March 25 for even kind of a fakeout head and shoulders that probably ruined a lot of bears, but only after it seemed like it was working out with a bottom on April 19 and then didn't break the March 25th highs until May 22. So really that was a consolidation period of over 2 months, or about 2 months if you want to count from March 25. So yeah, I'd say it's not unreasonable to think that the consolidation that started on Jun 18th might not end until sometime around mid August.
Agree, growth of ZYN is insane. Bought 10 Jun 25’ 25 110 calls
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