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Whatever my friend. I think you’ve got some political bias in your decision, but like I said this is America. You are welcome to do what you want; I proudly fly the flag at my house and I’m a patriot that believes in freedom of speech, expression, and your investment decisions. I believe your premise is incorrect. By the way, I haven’t watched Maddie’s show but once in my life, and I’ve never seen Olbermann. You can believe what you want. I just prefer to make my investment decisions based on facts versus political opinions, and I’m quite realistic that DWAC/DJT “investors” are mostly political fanatics that like giving their money to the orange man. Which is their right. They’re all just gonna get burned on the rug pull all of us living in reality know is coming.
You are assuming this is my first trade in DWAC or this. But ok: Rug pull to pay legal bills. So… when will the pull come? You can’t tell me anything because you don’t know. Neither do I. Your in your personal feelings so deeply your ignorance is clear. You did notice that 80% of the float is short? There are no shares available and the CTB is in the 200’s? I don’t want to marry the guy , I want to trade the stock
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