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This past weekend was the perfect example of how far removed weekend dow was from actual Monday market open
Man I see all these comments about stock being "up 3% overnight" or something ever since robinhood added a feature for you degens. I'll bet the volume is nil. This sub loves their shitty little brokerage app. Say it's on robinhood overnight market like it's the weekend dow or some shit and stop trying to make this a thing. Ever since robinhood did that people are like "oh it's up in the overnight trading" where it probably means jack shit. stop. lol sorry dont like robinhood.
Yea no problem! Im gonna share something else with you. My first time i ever played an option 6 years ago, i made 120k overnight. This was when the markets didnt move like they do now. Youd be lucky if the DOW even moved 100 points lol. But i told my wife i was gonna lose that money, because i got lucky and i didnt know what i was doing. I did. My only advice is to know if you have a gambling addiction or not. I spent a few years never taking any profits. Being up and down. But i always told my wife, once we have kids and more responsibility, i will completely change my strategy. I chose to be a degenerate gambler. I knew i wasnt an addict. Big difference. The past few years ive been green. Taking profits, and scaling down my sizes. Good luck my friend.
One thing that sucks is SPY is always middling Dow and Nasdaq, never leads in futes
You think DJT is a value stock? I assume you’re talking about Dow jones and not trump haha
The 30-stock Dow fell for its seventh session in eight.
That’s crazy how is the Dow down more than QQQ when the latter is based on tech stocks which are generally volatile.
In a major correction like the one we've just started, indexes drop, on average, 5-8% before a small recovery rally (\~3-4 green days). SPY is at -4.3%, Dow is at -5.2%, QQQ is at -4.4%, Russell is at -8.2%. I say we get another week of bleeding, then a week of green.
Like DOW fighting to keep 38k yesterday. What’s the next support for SPY below 500?
Dow YTD negative less than three weeks into crash. This one could be huge.
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