mmph Delta lookin thicc
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DKNG has been dicking me down for like a week now. Lol
Man you’d think the entire country is about to tax DKNG
I used to wheel DKNG & am still bagholding 200 at $47. Cautiously buying this dip but not expecting to deal out of the position this year. That said if someone gives me an exit at $50 I’ll take it, too many legal affectations for true love
It can make other states do the same. All in all, it is not positive news for DKNG and the rest of the sports books
Fuck it gonna let the DKNG calls ride
DKNG calls not printing is disappointing
Pump DKNG pumpppp
DKNG 🤮🤮 well there goes my options for this Friday haha
DKNG. DaftKings holders sweating ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)
What is going on with DKNG it's dumping unlike have ever seen before and NBA play offs around the corner?!
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