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I bot Uber calls and that fucker is at 52 week low I bot DIS calls and that fucker is also at 52 week low I bot PYPL calls that I don't even want to look now. Only AMD was enough to pay for all those losses. Lisa Su ❤️
40 minutes ago
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Lmao. DIS is China's lapdog. At the end of the live action Mulan movie, Disney literally thanks one of the Chinese bureaus that the US State Department called out for being a central actor in the oppression of uyghurs. Not to mention there was a whole bunch of revisionist history hidden in Mulan your typical dumb westerner couldn't detect. Disney is literally a propaganda mouth piece for Xi these days. They're not American.
about 2 hours ago
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Dis good dd. Maybe some charts with dickz and more insults next time. I bought puts after i read this.
about 3 hours ago
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I wanna buy DIS dip
about 4 hours ago
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Except DIS
about 4 hours ago
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New phone. Who dis?
about 5 hours ago
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sold all my DIS, AAPL and SPY puts about 20 minutes before the market took a dump, sold for around 50% profit for each but could’ve made 200%+ on each. “profit is profit”, but still a bummer. Oh well, pray for my PLTR 12/10 20c’s i scooped up at today’s bottom
about 7 hours ago
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Nah, I’m good fam. Should’ve unloaded just before the last earnings. Oh well! the subscriber growth numbers were really good but it looks like all streaming services have been dumping quite a bit, DIS, ROKU & FUBO, except for NFLX
about 7 hours ago
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I didn’t sell DIS puts bc I’m waiting to see what the new travel restrictions and mandates will be. Omnicron in CA might shut down travel to Disney land. I didn’t sell PYPL puts bc it finally broke the 185 support and I think the next leg down is to 175
about 8 hours ago
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Covid went like "new name who dis"
about 9 hours ago
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