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Smh I told myself last Monday "Hey we need 10 Dell contracts..." Never bought and I've been hating myself every fucking morning... But there will always be another... That keeps me away from FOMO
Dell? why dell?
I’m thinking it’ll probably go another 10% after earnings. It’s last ER was before all the NVDA and TSLA hype and they managed to +30% the next day. It might sell off later in the day but Dell has not had a history of that within the last 2 years
Dell, still got time before ER
So should I gamble ASTS or Dell tomorrow?
I will say it again— if dell cooks the upside is unlimited. More than likely tho, given all the hype , they’re gonna underperform expectations and then we’re cooked. I say this as a dude with so much money in both dell and NVDA
Nvda. dell . Lets go
How is NVDA so strong lmao. SPY is getting rekt and NVDA is still green. And wtf DELL
Dude, you’re getting a Dell.
Bought 100 shares of Dell this morning, thinking i should cash out with $1400 in profit or ride the earnings?
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