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I didn’t really make a DD Post or anything but basically when I saw what happened with mongo DB last week and AI, I had an inkling the same since it’s in the same software engineer space
AI can understand and solve simple logic puzzles but it's definitely not at the point where it can understand business needs and how to translate that into code depending on your company's specific DB schema and legacy code that's > 100,000 lines of code for one product. By the time it can do that, you'll have AGI and no one's jobs are safe.
Postgres (and MySQL and SQL Server) both support JSON columns and data types, and Postgres' JSONB is basically BSON so kinda makes Mongo irrelevant unless your entire DB has no schema. A lot of people think they need NoSQL when they don't. Also for every NoSQL use case there's a specific database. Big data? Cassandra, Scylla. KV? Redis, Search? Elastic. Time series? Influx. etc.
MONGO DB We got this one kid, Mongo... He's got a forehead like a drive-in movie theatre, but he's a good shit. So we don't bust his chops too much. So, one day Mongo gets out of his cage...
How the fuck is mongo db worth that much?
Yea That AI meme screwed me on crm. Put in like 500 for a 10-12% OTM call weekly , then a 200 extra expiring this week, and then a 200 put for this week. Now that I think about I can see why some people are reluctant to hedge as it gets more expensive when you get lackluster results like CRM did. Would have been cheaper to just done 1 play. ​ Okta didn't know about it but I noticed a 80% correlation with Mongo DB earnings given they the same industry so bought mongo puts but ended up being wrong. Mongo and Okta are overall too expensive to play earnings. I just figured given Mongo having a bigger rally investors would be more eager to jump out . Curious what are your other thoughts on some other good long term plays, and this whole ai meme . And also any other good earnings play your keeping your eyes on.
You ever work with Oracle or its products? LMAO fucking dinosaurs that also ruin everything they touch. Their destruction of open source products like MySQL alone are why I hate this POS company, but dealing with Oracle DB and their sales and licensing bullshit is the icing on a shit turd cake. Fuck Oracle, they’ll never deliver anything anyone is going to use.
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