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We ride at dawn bitches.
Look to my coming at first light of wednesday, at dawn, look to the moon
I can't disclose too much because I am the deal principal that invested in Shein 5-6 years ago. The valuation is nowhere near expensive when you get to see the S-1 in a few months. People here don't understand Shein because they are mostly men, but fashion/clothing retailers have known since the dawn of time its all about women. So I will use a language you guys more are likely to understand, it is more like mobile Getcha game for women. Shein is actually what I would call a gen II internet company. Gen I internet companies focused on mass distribution, things like Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, effectively the railroads of the 21st century. Gen II companies focus on verticalization and gamification, it is all about throttling supply and demand for specification categories to capture trends/spending, sort of same way a mobile getcha game works by capturing and identifying demand and throttling supply to maximize value. In the same way Gen I retail business is all about selling the same coke to the same person, even though some really rich guy might spend $100 on a special coke, there was no economic way to capture that surplus since everything is set on the same price or capitalize on a special trend of a specific flavored coke that will fizz out in 6 months but people are willing to pay $5 instead of $1 for. Shein can make gobs and gobs of money by using AI to identify trends, quickly source production in the pearl river delta region, produce just enough until the fashion trend dies off and then do this at scale across all global markets. It is already the largest fashion business globally and grew from literally nothing about 6-7 years ago.
People also shop online. Why would I wanna drag my ass to a store at the ass crack of dawn and rub elbows with poor people when I can just click a button on my computer and have it delivered to my house while I sip my Darjeeling tea?
Dude at 4:43am on the Friday after Thanksgiving: “where the f*ck is everybody?!” Post your video from 10:15… Just because people didn’t line up at the break of dawn doesn’t mean people weren’t shopping.
I'm just amazed it took so long since the dawn of frequent international travel for a serious global pandemic to kick off. I would expect some completely new plague like every 3 years.
2021: “Housing prices are artificially inflating because of low rates! The bubble is gonna pop!” 2023: “People want to stay put, there’s no supply, artificially inflating the prices! The bubble is gonna pop!” We’ve been in a bubble since the dawn of time.
Yeah this is the reason. Now they raise the prices leading up to BF just so they can "discount" them back to normal. I was actually looking for a deal on a new OLED TV, and I had looked for one about a month and a half ago and then looked at all the Black Friday deals and they were the same price. You really want to get up at the crack of dawn to buy something for normal retail price?
#Dusk till dawn shooting cum #blowing cock like bubble gum
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