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Just got some 0DTE calls. Down only 20% so far. My CRM calls from yesterday are down 60% only.
Adobe looking like a lackluster move, tiny chance it dumps 20% like crm did but I’m not feeling it
When everyone is making bank but your holding CRM,Amazon and NVAX calls
What do yall think about CRM being oversold after earnings?
Can CRM go back to 250 pls ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
I’m not playing either… I think Oracle is too diversified so while some AI linked BU’s might do well others like their CRM probably won’t… it might go up but I don’t expect a huge move so calls will probably be a wash. Adobe is already pretty beaten down, so it might gap up a bit if earnings are up beat, but I am not confident enough to make a bet on it either. So I guess I’m leaning bullish on them but not high enough confidence to feel like I’m playing with an edge.
Thought on salesforce crm?
Need the rugpull on CRM. I'm ready this time 👍
CRM to the moon
I’ve done the same on CRM. $250 calls. Went from .48 to $5.67 up and sold back down to $1.20 bought again. Up again.
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