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Garbage round trip efficiency in fuel cell applications. Starting and ending in electricity usually 25-30% efficient, which means whenever batteries are an alternative, their cost of operations will always be 3-4X as cheap Hilariously terrible volumetric efficiency that usually ends up displacing all your cargo/passenger space on planes, trucks and cars. You can get some of it back by refrigeration to liquid state but you give up the weight advantage in the process. Very difficult to keep safe and monitor leaks, because typical odor agents likes those added to natural gas do not readily mix well with hydrogen and can foul up fuel cell applications.
It's not getting better. Stock hitting all time high does not mean "people" are getting better. Top 1% are getting richer and some few lucky ones. Majority of the middle class and below are getting poorer. Free money from feds are indirectly stealing our purchasing power thru inflation. Government is only helping the companies get bigger. Look at GM/Ford, they cried saying they don't have enough government support so they can't compete against china BYD's ev. So they ended up getting over 20 billion in subsidy/grant /loan and managed to built shitty ev cars whereas, china's byd recieved around 2 billion in government grant, only 10% of what FORD received, and China built ev cars that's infinitely better than what GM/Ford made. How does it relate to the stock market? Well, remember how Ford received those subsidy? They are cash rich and initiated I think 10 billion stock repurchase plan when their focal point should be on R&D and catching up/surpassing china ev tech. But hey! At least their stock price is up, great for investors? Not really, it's really to short term prop up their stock market so they can pull a Elon Musk and the Tesla stock option salary package. Ex. Ford CEO base salary remains 1.7 million and recieved additional 25 million USD via stock grant. Lol. So obvious, so fucked up and fist bump between whoever signed off on the EV grant. I expect the economy will remain as is (stock market remains high and prices of houses/food/gas/etc remain at an inflated high level as well.) until months after election is over. We have all time high household debt(HELOC/mortgage), student loan, car loan, credit card debt and etc. So people are owing more (accumulating record debt ) and the economy is recovering? Lol However who knows what will happen. Lots of shady not so much under the table shit going on right now. Warren Buffet holding record cash for a reason. Definitely not just for tax purposes by selling lots of apple stakes. Look at buffet indicators. At around 50%, stock market is cheap. At 100%, stock market is fairly priced. At 150%, stock market is overvalued. We are sitting at over 200%. 😉 So tldr: no. Give it some time and it'll break.
Don't confuse industry growth for idiosyncratic success. 2018-2019 were historically great years for the industry due to the sweet spot of aged cars (see image - from Experian). Here is the total return for each in 2018, 2019 and 2018-2019, respectively (assuming dividend reinvested). AAP: 48.68%, 1.57%, 51.46% | ORLY: 38.14%, 28.47%, 75.82% | AZO: 13.82%, 42.08%, 61.74%. So historically great years for the industry and in a 2 year period the ORLY and AZO were still better investments. Based on my multiple conversations with garages they were rarely third during the period. Some of the private players were above AAP, but below ORLY and AZO. They were never third. They just did well enough in an environment where EVERY competitor did well. I just disagree they are the third best player. 2018-2019 was just a good industry to be an investor in...regardless of the player you chose. I think AAP is definitely the 3rd best PUBLICLY traded player but definitely NOT the 3rd best player. Go to 5 garages and ask them where AAP ranks. Remember AAP relies more on garages than ORLY and AZO. DIFM is AAP's leading end market. Also, AAP HAS to rival ORLY and AAP. Garages literally have a list of their auto parts provider by rank they call when they order parts. Pricing is irrelevant since they pass it on to customer. So they have to convince the garage to call AAP before AZO/ORLY. I disagree with your premise that they don't have to rival ORLY and AZO based on my understanding of how car garages order parts. https://preview.redd.it/zse5njaneo2d1.png?width=1723&format=png&auto=webp&s=fd9ba82ed1aed376d5ba1613b9b10bb51789136c
Nvidia is not really that far ahead speed wise to any of its competitors including apple i guarantee Blackwell are the same technique that apple was using for their cars… isn’t amd cheaper and equal to the h1000s but it’s the hot commodity right.
Which one? Currently I’m on RC cars and watches.
People are keeping their cars longer because they can't afford a new car. They also can't afford to take their cars to the shop. I'm extremely bullish on auto parts stores. AAP especially because of how low it is compared to similar stocks. IF they keep righting the ship this can be a great play
Good DD I'll join in. During inflation most people don't buy new cars and spend to mantain what they already have. That in itself makes the stock a good buy/call
Just like when he predicted that cars would drive on their own and collect taxi money for you. Don’t listen to people who are not software engineers talking about computer tech.
Bailout in the technical sense = no. But having the government literally extend a line of credit at no cost (aka the government put) + cash for clunkers to pump sales accomplished the same result. "In a Jan. 30, 2009, [report](http://fpc.state.gov/documents/organization/120596.pdf) on the bailout program, the Congressional Research Service noted that Ford “is counting on $5 billion from the DOE loan program to support a $14 billion plan to reorient its lineup toward more fuel-efficient vehicles.” On June 23, 2009, the Department of Energy [announced](http://www.doe.gov/articles/obama-administration-awards-first-three-auto-loans-advanced-technologies-ford-motor-company) it would provide $5.9 billion to Ford “to transform factories across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio to produce 13 more fuel efficient models.” In a [business plan ](http://media.ford.com/images/10031/Ford_Motor_Company_Business_Plan.pdf)submitted to Congress in December 2008, Ford touted its $14 billion plan for fuel-efficient cars as a key part of its effort to turn the company around — noting that a big piece of the funding was coming from the DOE. The company’s business plan also urged Congress to pass legislation to provide “incentives for consumers to trade in older vehicles and move to more fuel-efficient vehicles.” About six months later — on June 24, 2009 — President Obama signed the [Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act](http://www.cars.gov/files/official-information/CARS-Report-to-Congress.pdf) that became known as the cash-for-clunkers program. A Department of Transportation [report](http://www.cars.gov/files/official-information/CARS-Report-to-Congress.pdf) (table 10) said more than 90,000 Fords were purchased under the cash-for-clunkers program — second only to Toyota — as of December 2009."
Most people with cars are on lease
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