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And with the 8 ball, pool players have to call their shot to win the game. Don't believe everything you read, especially when money is involved. Smoke.. mirrors.. I've lived almosr 60 years I used to never doubt the news. Now, not so much.
Time will tell I guess. Neither you or I have a crystal ball. Scared money doesn’t make money
Sharp as a cue ball
Bidens chip act is subsidizing US chip producers. Who knows what Trump will do with that if he wins… also Intel kinda been dropping the ball throughout their life
That guy has a crystal ball or some shit
Let me check my crystal ball and I'll get back to you.
He just looks like a slime ball
Russell looking confused as hell. It just got here and already taking its ball and going home. 
Semen retention. This is the only valid answer. Retain until your ball sack turns blue. That’s when you know you can get women. Thanks for asking he right questions in this sub
ikr the unpaid internet jannie loser virgins really dropped the ball on this
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