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how much for an 8-ball?
Is it even worth buying this dip before they prove themselves capable of doing something useful? Are they really still innovating or is this Xerox making a half-assed attempt at a personal computer way too late in the game (with bad management decisions making it unappealing to customers) and then just giving up? I'm no expert but seems like MSFT and META are way more on the ball
Wait for a retrace on Nvda, its going > 2T today, i can feel it in my right ball
Fuck it we ball
15K on Soun fuck it. We ball
Yuck.. glad I went with Alexa. Every company Google had bought has gotten worse apps/experiences. My best app got replaced by a worse Google app. My Fitbit got replaced by a worse Google app. They could be so much better and they just keep dropping the ball.
We ball. Once market opens
Euro zone CPI at 8 may get the ball rolling for cpc at 8:30
AMD is a hold right now. Still much upside over a long term. AI has changed the chip industry like Bitcoin mining did but at a much much larger scale. Almost infinite There is plenty of demand for chips which means there revenue will continue to increase. I have pretty much holdings in all chip makers except Intel. I just feel they have dropped the ball for many years. I think the next play is all these consulting firms IBM, Accenture. Companies are itching to get AI used in there business but don’t have the staff to implement.
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