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Laughs in 2.75% apr over 30y from 2021 I love that my lender is losing money on me.
Mistakes were made and lessons will be learned with this one! IMHO if you don’t have the cash on hand to make that payment what I would do is open a business credit card as a sole proprietorship under your name with your ssn and do that with a card that gives you 12-18 months low or 0 apr on balance transfers and balance transfer that to the business card, this is completely legal and will benifit you in multiple ways, it will only impact your credit if you default on the business card payments and it will save your relationship with American Express, also the day after you pay off that account close it because you don’t need a charge card
It's definitely legal to buy gift cards (GCs). However, you face several potential problems. One, those VISA GCs come with a fee, so you're spending $505 to get $500. Two, some retailers code them differently than other products and some banks will read that code in a way that processes your transaction as a cash advance rather than a regular purchase. So not only are you not earning points on that purchase, you're also paying a cash advance fee. Three, turning them back into cash isn't all that easy either. Somewhere along that process, there's usually gonna be another fee. All that being said, your plan is 100% possible, but it's very difficult and time consuming. Getting people to share their secrets about how to do it all without fees is very tough and usually those secrets are always changing as retailers catch on to how they're being grifted into paying tons of credit card fees. So you have to keep searching, trying places trial and error. People I've talked to who do this spend one or two hours every day on it. Not worth it to me. And yeah, like you said, no bank is going to give you a 100k credit limit on a 0% APR card. So, infinite money glitch? No. But, decent money glitch? Kinda, yeah.
That's exactly what I did, minus the gift cards cuz they're unnecessary as long as you have a little money to start with and a job. I got two credit cards with 0% APR and maxed them both out. Meanwhile, I put an amount of money into a 10 month CD that is equal to their combined credit limit. That CD will mature and pay 5.05% APY right before those bills are due in full. In the meantime, I'm just making the minimum payments, no interest. Also, those cards obviously earn points on all purchases so I'm effectively earning more like 7% but ALSO, one of them came with a huge sign up bonus so I'm also getting $900 off of my statement balance. But then I took it one further and got another card in the Chase family that increases the value of my points to X1.25 and also comes with a 100,000 point sign up bonus. After my friend uses my referral link to get me another $500 and she gets a massive bonus too... well, we're going on a 3 week trip to Asia and we ain't paying a dollar for flights or hotels. Some people do spend their time buying massive amounts of Visa gift cards to get the points and then liquidate them into cash in order to pay the credit card bill. This is called Manufactured Spending. To me, it's not worth it cuz those Visa gift cards come with fees that massively cut into your profits unless you know secret places that don't charge fees. People do not tend to share those secrets online cuz it is a great way to make that secret get discovered and come to an end. You can learn much much more about all this shit on r/churning. I'd highly recommend bouncing from new credit card bonus to the next like I do if you are disciplined with your spending and very organized. It's earned me a lot of free vacations over the years. A lot. I can help you, or anyone reading this, maximize your gains in exchange for using my referral links if you want. My total earned free travel is somewhere around $20,000 I think... probably more. Many people have pushed it waaaaay further. It's a slippery slope though, beware! Just read the r/churning wiki
That would be the easiest full time job! Assuming this is legal, the bigger issue is the credit limit because 0% APR credit cards have horrible limits of like 2.5-5k. It took me 3 years to get a 25k limit with chase.
0% interest for 3 years for the past 3 years is basically -12% APR for Nissan once you account for the 19% decrease in the value of the dollar from 2020 to 2023.
really? cos business card apr just got magically jacked to 32%
4 week T-bill is at 5.29% APY( Annual Percentage Yeild) Which means 5.29% is the annualized return. There are 12 months in a year, the return is 5.29% Annualized. 5.29%÷12 months=0.44% per month X Capital. 0.044x$100= $4.4/Month (can DRIP over time to slowly increase monthly returns) Edit: APR to APY
Oh I get it now, the 4 week is given as APR already. Oppsy
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