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Give me that 1% APR again with a 5k discount on lot cars and I’ll take one.
Apr 22, 2024: $490.94 I’m up almost 10,000% since then. The cool thing about gambling is you only gotta be right and wrong a few times for charts like these.
The '20 recession is labeled from Feb - Apr. How can it end before the quarter needed to declare it isn't over?
I would guess red? One of the reasons why they were able to close the gap on their last sales number announcement was due to their low apr offer. Great way to show cars driving away from the factory but bad for their bottom line. I have no idea whether their truck is making them money or not. On one hand, they have had what, two recalls already? On the other hand there are still fanboys willing to buy it even with the knowledge that it is not a well put together product. If the truck is a poorly crafted as the internet makes it seem, it must be cheaper to make?
their earnings are concerning. i am a customer and love the APR. they are a bank and should be profitable.
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