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Bitcoin SV
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please TA BSV now ;)
about 15 hours ago

has BSV pumped yet after a court ruled that Craig is Satoshi (/s)
about 17 hours ago

Bsv is the only block chain storing NFTs on chain, everyone else stores them on an Amazon server so you don’t actually own the image
4 days ago

@balllssdeeep I sleep at night because I hold the greatest crypto Hedges MM and BSV. I don't worry shit crypto crashing or BTC death. Now that's a good night's rest.
6 days ago

BSV is the great Hedge.
6 days ago

@godsupreme777 I'm down with MM but idk about BSV bro
6 days ago

real one Hold MM and BSV
6 days ago

7 days ago

Do you think BSV can make a move with the craig Wright hype
7 days ago

BSV ....i got it???
8 days ago

8 days ago

BSV might not be a scam but the founder is a scammer who pretends he's Satoshi so why touch it
9 days ago

pero es de la bsv el chumbi?
10 days ago

bsv = proof of social media
15 days ago

bsv is the real bitcoin
15 days ago

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