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She’s very attractive. I wish my future wife is more attractive than her
I wish motha fucka!! I invested 100% into lucid. I’m Stuck with these celestial bags
Make a wish
Hey man look in this day and age relationships are trash people are so selfish so maybe now it’s time for you to be selfish sorry the way things went down but things will heal with time there will be scars that you have to heal and they will always be there in the back of your head but things will work out try and live it out in the best way maybe now you can go out on a small trip while she has the kids do things you couldn’t do before that you wish you did before kids but I really do hope the best for you buddy
I fucking wish
Fuck all these pussies telling you to sell. You know damn well what's going to happen when a large OEM deal is announced in the coming weeks. Sumit has said they expect OEM deals by Summer (could end of summer too) and guess what summer is a coming. The fire has started and Sumit is coming with the gasoline. You know he wants to burn the shorts. Question after the Ibeo acquisition a few months ago, paraphrasing. With short interest of 40 something million shares. What do you say to those betting against you? Sumit Sharma: ”I wish them good luck" You could feel the smile on his face, when he said that.
proof of what? I wish it wasn't true, but yes still paycheck to paycheck. looking forward to my next installment of 1500 shares of amazon on September 15 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Eleben eleben make a wish
Damn I wish I had 52k to just fuck off. Good for you, man.
I wish i knew which stocks were gonna rocket before they actually do
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