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Just came in here to write "talk me out of liquidating my portfolio and YOLOing on Vix during the next Spy pump"
44 minutes ago
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This morning everyone expected JPow to walk back his hawkish talk from yesterday. He didn’t. PJ traders don’t know shit. They are worse degenerate gamblers than WSB
about 1 hour ago
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At my job I forward emails from people who somehow have my email address to the actual people who can answer their questions. Sometimes I have to talk in meetings a bit about things I don’t know anything about. I get paid 6 figures. I don’t feel entitled to more money, I just genuinely think work is dumb and I could stay home and nothing would change.
about 2 hours ago
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fuck you, this is now my personal livejournal   I have been laughing at and ignoring these stupid fucking TSLA 12/9 conspiracies now, reading all of it, and with the whistle yesterday and quad tonight.. I really see a split/truck announcement on 12/9 as more likely than not; maybe 70/30 I've vocally said I don't like and am scared of TSLA options, and dumping my shares from 2019 too early has kept my feelings hurt for a long time. but in the past 2 weeks I've used one day trade to scalp a couple hundred on TSLA swings, yesterday I got a call spread and closed it even today, so technically I haven't been burned yet. now I risk it. I bought 3 shares AH so I can get the split, and I'm gonna get a shit load of 12/10 and later call spreads stupid ass stupid fuckin market hasn't even lost me more than a couple grand this month as I've played a few puts on ATHs and cut losses to go mostly cash before caught holding. but now I'm gonna let TSLA take the reins of my port   if you read this whole thing then you're pretty retarded and clearly bored, but thanks for coming to my insignificant TED talk
about 2 hours ago
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There's a difference between not working and looting stores right? And the news exists right? Social media? Phones with video cameras? Is it positive to loot stores? If you think they're virtuous to fuck up a store then we have nothing to talk about. I work my ass off taking care of sick people. I understand trends that affect finances, that's what this subreddit is right? Is this an antifa sub? Take your skewed political bullshit back to Twitter, we discuss the financial bottom line here. Anyway the block button is always a godsend in this bitch. Sorry you're broke as fuck.
about 2 hours ago
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Joe probably had a great doctor. Lots of friends talk to each other in situations like that.
about 2 hours ago
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Zoomer talk for fucked 11 dudes. Not sure why they get hung up on that
about 3 hours ago
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What does 11 bodies mean? Is this some kind of zoomer talk I'm too millennial to understand?
about 3 hours ago
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what else do people talk about
about 4 hours ago
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they literally just picked a greek letter keep saying it over and over again like they just woke up said hey this is now a thing that i understand so ill talk about it. talk about the gheyest of bears. anyone who even says the O word is a bitch puss
about 4 hours ago
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